Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Banging my head

Slept well, probably thanks to the wine. Woke up a couple of times to pee, but when the alarm went off and all the lights came on, I just rolled over and slept for another 90 minutes.

Got to work relatively late, maybe I knew I would spend the day banging my head against walls. Too much geek minutiae and NDA-busting stuff to describe in detail, but the nutshell is I was not able to run the tests boss wanted, due to circumstances beyond my control.

Early in the day the mail person delivered my cable modem/router (I figured it made more sense to get it at work since it was under the employee discount program). Also during the day were two more messages from Netgear tech support to tell me they were still working on my case. Which means they probably could not find my model of unit to test on. 

Lunchtime I got my nails done, and had a small snack at the bakery a few doors down.

Stayed late to make up for being late, but also to see if more head banging would to any good. It didn't.

Straight to the library for a neurologist's talk on how to control headaches. She was mostly talking about migraines and tension headaches, which account for a majority of them. She was all about drugs, did not mention any physical techniques till the Q&A. I asked her about acupuncture, mostly to get the physical thing started. Someone else asked about hot/cold compresses. No one mention Quackropractors, or even Jacuzzis. She covered red wine in the slide show (it's a trigger).

I learned stuff. It was sparsely attended, which surprised me. No kids, which did not, because they are triggers.

Home, set up the Arris router. Laughed out loud when the default password was "motorola". It also has the M batwings logo on top, and the Arris logo on the bottom of the front panel. Gotta say the Arris logo is far more attractive. They kept the "Surfboard" model line name too. Long story short, it was easy to set up, just like the one I beta tested, and it worked beautifully. Activating it on Comcast took a few tries, but most of that was from my browsers' caches, which needed to be cleared after activating 4 previous cable modems in the last 2 weeks. I'm done now.

The webcams are forwarded, I need to update the web page with the new WAN address. And it lets me use the forwarded addresses while inside the local LAN, which the Netgear did not.

Discover sent me yet another envelope marked "DO NOT DISCARD". So I shredded it. They keep wanting to sell me a $25k personal loan at a much higher rate than the credit card. Also shredded yet another unmarked envelope from a local State Farm agent. Next time I'll try to remember that it is illegal to mail something without a return address, and turn it in to my Postmaster. Congress put that in place when those anthrax letters were being received, despite the fact that those all had return addresses. Phony ones, but still...

Frozen dinner was Boston Market roast beef & mashed potatoes, yummy. I added strong cheese to the mashed.

Did a load of laundry because I only have 1 clean pair of socks, and I don't know if the 10-pack I ordered will be here in time.

Plans for tomorrow:

1-on-1 may get canceled because boss is mega-busy
Quick stop for shampoo. The last bottle went into the shower's dispenser this morning.
Bring the Netgear RMA to UPS
Maybe hang out at Starbucks. Finished Ad You Wish, and started on William Gibson's latest possible Hugo nominee, The Peripheral. This one is not as hard to get into as his previous couple.

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