Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One Bad Turn Fixes Another

Just wasted an hour re-installing my check printing software and re-creating the Naga template.
The MICR line (the magnetic symbols at the bottom) were printing as normal alphanumerics, only once per 3 checks, and the check text was about 6 pt. size. The other day I had a problem with the DVD creator program crashing because a different video program I had uninstalled had deleted a driver it needed. Had to reinstall the other program (probably could also have re-installed the dvd software). So I figured that the horrible check writer software I'd uninstalled was the culprit, so removing and re-installing the good one worked. It kept my data, but lost the design (above). So once the uninstall-reinstall was done, and Quicken was set up to use it again, I was able to print my April rent check. :-)

Frustrating day at work. Boss needed my 2015 goals input into the system, so I pulled stuff out of my ass. Had my 1-on-1 today, and told him the goals did not add up to 100% because I had not entered one goal, to complete 3.1415926 "other duties as assigned" by the end of the year.
"Is that Pi?"
"Yeah. Want a piece of it?"

Also frustrating that the video format testing I need to do I don't have the tools to do. Tomorrow I need to make the engineer who claims he is able to play those streams to prove it.

After work, Target. Needed shampoo. Also thought I needed Rot Guard, the can I used this morning seems to be clogged. I brought my own bags, and at checkout I saw the cashier do something about bags, so I parked just past the cash register see what it was. she gave me 15 cents credit for 3 bags (I only brought 2). The law these days is every bag provided by the store costs 10 cents. The refund is Target's being nice. Irony is when I got home and entered the bill into Quicken, it looked way high, and yes, what I missed is she charged me for 6 Rot Guards, not two. And when I put those away, there was already a spare in the cabinet. Grrr.

Lunchtime started with dropping off the Netgear router at UPS, which is at the Great America Marriott. Then lunch at the Specialty's a couple of blocks away, in the Intel campus.

Amazon has already refunded my $$ for the Netgear. I think they do that as soon as the UPS label is scanned. The refund is about 2x what the Arris replacement cost at employee discount. One thing I miss about Motorola is we got discounts on lots of neat stuff. Arris doesn't make any sexy products, just industrial items. Cable modems are the only retail products I know of which they got from Moto.

Spook has a new trick, she's been doing for about a week. She goes to the water bowl, dips her paw in it, and cleans her face off. More efficient than licking her paw. Probably gets her cleaner too. Not the best way to keep the water clean, but she probably doesn't notice that.

I think the weevil problem is over. I'm only seeing a couple a week in the water bowl, and am not trapping many on the glue strips. I put one down today just to see, but the exterminator told me a month or so ago that once their food is gone, they die out. Since they burrow from inside the food, there's nothing they can do to exterminate them.

Finished labeling the chapters in the Bells Are Ringing DVD project, but instead of the 20GB file fitting on a 25GB disc, the software adds a lot of overhead, about 18GB. So I need 50GB blanks. Ordered some online, will stop by at Fry's and pick up some if the price is reasonable. Reasonable is about $2 a disc. I tried to save the project to the hard drive, but it crashed about 1/3 of the way through. The software would not let me make an ISO, it would only do a video folder set.

I'm afraid I may have to redo the whole project, re-formatting the video down to about 12GB. Lots of work, lots of time. :-(

And a note to lemmozine that because it's your FB page, I stopped fighting that 5-year-old battle. But here on my page I will stand by my opinion that Obama has failed on so many levels, and his inability to push any of his programs through Congress when he had a clear majority is his biggest failure. But what do you expect when a guy is elected President before he had gained any experience wielding real political power.

Which brings me to 2016. It is too soon to make any predictions. I am, however, looking forward to President Cruz's pushing through his GOP-majority Congress the federal version of the recently proposed California Sodomite Suppression Act.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get a demo from the other engineer
Home, burn DVDs.

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