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Weird Dream Channel - Total eclipse of reality

Teenaged Judy Garland and I are at the beach. We're looking for the music. We hear music coming from somewhere down the beach, and we're trying to get to it. We're on the lower level of sand, the music is up on the upper level - all along the beach there is a bluff about 6 feet high, and it's like a plateau, and the music is up on that plateau somewhere.

We can't get to the music because we don't have a way to get up onto the plateau.

Judy goes back and gets a ladder - one of those short work ladders, about 5 feet tall, foldable, and she's carrying it folded, walking a few yards behind me. I find a place where we might be able to get up onto the plateau, and I tell her to bring the ladder. I stand the ladder, folded, up against the bluff and climb up. It's like a maze up there, and I travel for a long time trying to find the music, while Judy is down on the lower level looking for a better access point. I fially get close enough to the music to hear it clearly, but the ceiling is very low there. There is a suspended ceiling with fluorescent lights - like a standard office ceiling - and the place I am now only has enough clearance for me to crawl between the floor of the plateau and the ceiling. Meanwhile Judy has found another place to get up on the plateau, far behind me, and she is trying to find a way for me to get where she is, because where she is there is no ceiling, and she can see where the music is.

She shouts things to me to help me find her, but I just get stuck right under a fluorescent light fixture. It is painfully bright. I hear Ella Fitzgerald moaning "too bright, too bright" and see her parallel to me but far away, putting on a pair of dark glasses. I wish I had my sunglasses. I know why Ella and those jazz people all wear sunglasses now, it's just too bright where they work.

I hear Bonnie Tyler singing, and the dream fades away.

My alarm clock has gone off - I had set it to play Total eclipse of the Heart from one of Bonnie's CDs, and I also have my lights on a timer set to turn on at the same time and they are too bright, especially for Sunday morning.


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