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Had the strangest series of dreams last night. I woke up and made a note on Evernote which I thought said something about "lumier". What I actually typed looked nothing like it. As I recall, the dream was that I had found a special gold lamp which gave off a gold light, and it was something special in the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta world. Not in one of the plays, but some off-stage tradition. It was like a place you went to, to see this golden lamp, kind of a 10,000 things to do before you're too old to do them kind of thing. The dream continued all night, it survived two pit stops.

Did some serious testing at work, came to totally different conclusions from the guys upstairs. Boss' boss' sauna meeting also brought this up. Upstairs guys say it is working, I say it isn't. The meeting ran so long we won't be able to duke it out till tomorrow.

Lunchtime was supposed to be a quick grab & go at Fry's. I wanted 50GB blu ray discs. But they didn't have any and their disc displays were all over the place so it took 10 minutes just to know they didn't have any. Finally grabbed a pack of 25GB discs, knowing I was going to re-do the project. Bummer.

So I grab the ones for $12.50, but when the most adorable cashier in the place rings it up, it's $27. Instead of calling a goon to do it, she walks all the way to the back of the store with me, has me show her the label on the shelf, which she peels off and brings it all the way to the front again for a returns manager to give me the refund. At least following her was an excellent view. Pretty face, too.

But that made me too late to have my usual leisurely lunch, I had to grab something to go from Togo's. Back at the office, there's that meeting, so I don't get to eat lunch till 4.

Straight home, refilled the hummingbird feeder. After 5 minutes a bird was perched there. The dogwood tree across the street, which had lost of clusters of white flowers but no living leaves, has grown some green leaves. Hummers perch there, but today it was mostly finches.

Gave Spook some treats. She has this bizarre routine. As I am pouring the treats, she rubs her head against my hand (and the bag). She may or may not eat any right away. She rarely eats them all at once.

Re-coded the video to 1080, while I had dinner. That was way too big, so I recoded it again to 720. Looks just right. Am now running the automatic chapter detector, which usually adds 457 chapters, but it's worth a try. Probably will have to do them by hand again.

Delivered today: 10 pairs of socks. Had I not done laundry I would have been out of socks tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get there in time for bagels. Or is it donuts this week?
Check out the upstairs guys' setup
After work TBA


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