Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

On The Same Planet

Yesterday, Upstairs Guy made it sound like we were on different planets with our testing. This morning me and Automation Guy joined him in his lab, and in a nutshell, in Plain English, the videos he was testing with were tweaked to be low impact, while I was using the torture test clips. And to add to the confusion, the one torture test clip he thought was a beautiful still frame, I showed him was actually a movie which choked the machine so badly it stuck on the first frame. A little massaging of the FF button showed many more frames.

So we went to Boss, and updated him.

One good thing, is this will probably get me a 32GB RAM upgrade for my laptop.

In other news, morning Hgl was 84. And did not feel all that low, which means I'm getting used to being in control of my blood sugars. Bad news is I am also gaining weight, which is the well known side effect of using insulin to control blood sugar.   

Lunchtime was way late, so I went to Boston Market. Their garlic roasted chicken is lovely, but I couldn't even come close to finishing it.  One reason I went there is I was hoping to eat at the new Mission City Grill in the same shopping center, but it is still just an empty storefront. The three open places on that side I abhor. Panera bread, Chipotle, and Habit burger. As for the latter, I have never understood the cult of the hamburger. Not a huge fan. I grew up on paper thin 9¢ burgers, before the Scottish place was invented. Cheeseburgers were 11¢. Mexican cuisine is an oxymoron, and Panera is a totally disorganized menu by and for yuppie scum.

The new center needs a Thai place and a buffet. There's an excellent Chinese place way on the other side, and a lovely Japanese place, but they both close after lunch for a few hours. Now that there's a Target anchoring the center, they should consider staying open without those breaks. For years they shared the area with a gutted Albertson's and Walgreen's. Walgreen's built a much smaller building out by the street, next to the existing Boston Market.

Home, took the long way so I could stop at Home Depot for a heavy duty toilet auger. They had two rows of them, one labeled as $39 and the other $49, but both were filled with the cheaper one. I really wanted the 10' version, but settled for the 3'. Big, though.

Home, re-did the Bells DVD using the clip which would fit on a 25GB disc, in Corel DVD Factory, but it crashed after 45 minutes. Applied the two patches, and it crashed after 19 minutues. Completely re-did it in Nero, and it has been cranking for 2 hours, 50 minutes to go. Fingers crossed. Nero has a craptastic way of designating chapter locations, while Corel has a lovely wheel widget as well as the ability to poke the elapsed time in directly. Nero only has a slider, and no way to expand it. I may have to look into spending Real Money on something like Adobe. I miss Ulead. Corel bought them, and then didn't maintain their products.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
1 pm to Janice's and re-program her remote and maybe install a new router.
4 pm she is taking me to a creab feed to benefit poor Portuguese. I think this is being held at the Portuguese social hall across the street from where I used to live in Mountain View.

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