Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'm Full

But I still needed chocolate.

Morning laziness. Spook was in bed with me, grabbed my leg when I started to get up. Got up anyway.

The dvd burn which I had started last night failed. Had it succeeded the computer would have shut down afterwards.
Tried it two more times with different settings, no joy. Never made it out of the compiling state. Just now changed the settings to a lower resolution and no "fit to disk" feature. we'll see.

Discovered while doing a web search for blu-ray authoring tools that I already have the best but did not know it. If this current test fails, I'll do the whole project again using that one.  Cyberlink Power 2 Go. Doesn't sound like a DVD tool. Unless you know that's what Cyberlink does.

Over to Janice's, to fix a mistake I made in programming her Logitch remote. She doesn't Get It™ that the little Cisco cable box is what controls her TV feed. And it needs to be facing the remote, not buried in a drawer, for her to change channels. And not seeing the box I set up her TV for direct control, which gave her random off-the-air channels, some HD, other not, most crappy looking.

But the first job was to get Netflix working. She streams through her blu-ray player, and it had been prompting her to update firmware for ages, but she ignored it. Finally Sony blocked all streaming because the update had serious security fixes. As soon as we updated, she could stream Netflix.

It took 3 tries to get the remote right, but now it's done, no brains required, and I showed her how to use the help button on the remote, which is pretty smart.

She wanted a Prius demo, so I drove us to Starbucks, we chatted for an hour, then went to the Portuguese social hall and hooked up with the people who had our crab feed tickets. Which also got us about 30 places closer to the front of the line. Interesting feed. No lining up, just sit at the table and they bring bread, salad and crab to your table. One of the party went up to the drinks counter and got us sodas and such, and there were desserts there too but no one else in my group was doing that so I didn't. Unlike most crab feeds, they served hot crab legs, you had to ask special for cold, and then it took a long time to get them. I ate a lot of crab - the hot was overcooked and a but mushy, but I finally got about 6 cold legs in two clumps, and that was excellent. Would have had more, but Janice wanted to bail.

Dropped her off at her place, an came home to another DVD burn fail. Sad, because it was 80° outside and the aircon was set to 78, so with the computer running all afternoon it was warm in the house.

Goosed the aircon down to 74, which helped. No need for dinner tonight. But I did make two glasses of chocolate milk.

Now that Spook is parking herself on the bed, I set up another webcam in the bedroom, but I'm not getting an IP address from it, have to plug it into the router I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thinking of going to a park and taking some photos. I ought to get the bike out of the shed, inflate the tires and take it for a ride. One bad thing about the Prius is it can't take my bike rack.
Enjoy the summer weather

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