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Some Un-clutter achieved. And a Gas surprise

Was up at 7:30, but it's Sunday and Spook swiped at my leg when I moved to get up, so I went back to sleep till 9. Was woken up by the internet radio in the kitchen. I had swapped out an old one which was no longer getting a network signal for a newer one which used to be in the bedroom. Forgot about the alarms.

And stayed in bed will almost 11 playing on the tablet. Looking for November vacation possibilities, and discovered that the Alaska indoor passage trips end in August. It has been 10 years since my disappointing trip to Vietnam & Angkor, when it rained all day every day despite it being a month after the end of the rainy season. A week on the beach in Phuket in the rain was also no fun. This time Laos is visitable, and maybe even Burma.

If I could still scuba dive, I'd try Belize, but my retinopathy says that would be a Bad Idea. :-(

Finally up, showered, shot up and took drugs, then paused to consume mass quantities as an alternative to fainting from low blood sugar. Made sunny side up eggs with fresh ground pepper and thyme, and slapped them onto two pieces of sourdough bread. Yum.

Finally found a big box, put all the PC surround sound speakers and controller in it, haled that and then the very heavy subwoofer/central unit to the car. Added a VHS VCR and a couple of patio chair cushions which Domino and Pumpkin used to enjoy sitting on back at the apartment, after I enclosed the porch in plastic chicken wire. The porch at the house is not easily cat-proofed, though I may ask the contractor which installed the carpeting for an opinion on that.

Cleaned out the litterbox, realized I had not emptied the receptacle all week. No wonder Spook was trying to jump into the big planter in the living room.

Took the stuff to Goodwill, where it was about a 10 minute wait for the two urban assault vehicles in front of the line to unload the entire contents of a fraternity house. Make that two fraternity houses. And behind them was a town car which was packed to the gills, but I bet there was still room in the trunk for some major body parts.

Passed Toyota on the way home, almost went in to have the reverse beeper taken care of, but did not want to spend 2 hours waiting on such a nice day.

Stopped at World Oil for gas, the indicator said I was 2 notches above empty, and estimated 64 miles till I ran out. Went to the pump, and it said "All pumps stopped". 3 pm on a Sunday and the manager chooses that busy time (there was a car at every pump) to shut down and take down numbers. I went to Starbucks down the street, got an iced mocha and sat outside, but after half an hour the wi-fi signal went away, so I went back to the gas station and filled up. 11.9 gallon tank only took 8.9 gallons. Now it says I have 554 miles till next fill-up. The Corolla had an 11-gal tank, I think, and it was done by 300 miles. So I guess I am getting a lot better MPG with the Prius.

Home, grabbed my camera and the 85mm lens as well as the 18-300 as a backup. Then plugged Ponderosa Park into the GPS to see what flowers were there for the local photo meetup to have had a workshop on macro lenses for pix of flowers. But first, my across the street neighbor waved and wanted to talk, first time since I moved in. Lionel. Very retired, tall. We talked about the silliness of the latest message in our park mailbox. It was a note which didn't say if it was the HOA or the management, about people complaining that during this drought some residents have been hosing down their homes. One of the park rules has been that the houses should be washed once a year, inspection in April. But this year that's illegal. Which the note did not mention. It left it at " please try not to".

Ponderosa Park is next door to Ponderosa Elementary, and it is HUGE. I think I've been there for rehearsals for Sunnyvale Players. It has one of the bigger community hall buildings, also lots of BBQ pits & tables and a small playground, big lawn for soccer and a baseball diamond with a scoreboard. They have replanted the area between the hall and the street with water wise plants, lots of them are flowering. There were humongous honey bees buzzing around, not landing on the flowers, just playing or wasting time. Lots of kids in the playground, a lot of adults hanging out at the tables and on the lawn.

Home, the DVD burn failed again, but the backup which had started at 7 am was still cranking away, nowhere near done.

Bit another bullet, bought the upgrade to Cyberlink, but once it installed it was clear it could not create a blu-ray video DVD, only a data backup. Total waste. I unuinstalled that and the Corel, then went online and bought Roxio. And while that was installing it kept saying Corel. Google told me that Roxio was bought by Corel last year. But they are keeping their products separate for now. Same as when Sonic bought Roxio years ago.

I can't reboot the machine while the backup is running, so I can't try the Roxio DVD maker till then. Tomorrow, probably. Puzzled that my first effort with Nero worked, but now that I think about it, that was using the low definition original clip from the VCR. The failures were all using the HD clip I converted it to. Hmmm.

Dinner was ha gow and baked pork buns steamed. Shortbread cookies and thin mints for dessert.

Watched an episode of Intervention. Ten minutes of action jam packed into 30 minutes of content, with 30 minutes of commercials. Make that 5 minutes of the same commercials repeated for 30 minutes.
While I was on the porch watching the feeder, this happened:

That's the first time I've seen one perch on the holder. She was there for a good 5 minutes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Two meetings to start off the morning
Start the process to max out the RAM on my work laptop

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