Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Progress of a sort

One of the tech managers found a way to play the high-density videos, but it needed 17GB of RAM, a 16x CPU chip, and an advanced video card. He had only one job: To find a way to play the video from a standard laptop.

But he is so proud of himself for getting approval to buy this over-powered machine.

Meanwhile, the PC backup at home which started yesterday at 7 am is still running. Looks like another hour or three. As usual, MSFT does not have a progress bar which is calibrated.

Late to lunch, went to Denny's. They have remodeled. I might be able to fit in the new booths, but didn't notice till I'd gotten a table and chair.

Costco after work. I had two items on the list: Bananas and string cheese. They were not selling bananas. But I managed to spend $90 anyway. Splurged on a smoked whitefish. Bought a jar of mixed nuts, which should have been on the list. Splurged on crab cakes. Wings, coconut water and eggs are on the unwritten list. Pistachios and walnuts are too, but not at these prices.

Walking to the line with my cart, I felt woozy and a little weak. Home, took a nap. Spook joined me for the first 10 minutes. Raising the head of the bed drove her off.

Which reminds me. Thinking of spending too much $$ on a sleep number mattress. Already have a mechanical frame. But all the queen mattresses seem to be split in half. I want the whole bed to be the same feel. I suppose I need to go to a store and see.

Also in the market for a new dishwasher. Those are pretty much a no-brainer, they are all the same size, apparently, except Maytag.

Also looking into a fridge, mostly for the icemaker. Two friends recommended the GE Profile, but that's a whole product line and I have one. It's very nice, just needs to be set up for ice. But I don't see how it can be adapted. Replacement prices are insane = $2k or more.

About that law in Indiana. Those gay people are so paranoid. The law is obviously aimed at towel-heads and kippaholics.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hope my new ID badge arrives. The temp one doesn't let me into the lab.
Also hope the lady in charge of such things pushes through my 32GB laptop upgrade.
Maybe I'll go appliance shopping.


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