Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Number of the Sleep Beast

Last night was a Spook special, she spent most of the night on the bed near the head. This despite the fleece being near the foot. She made "mrrrrr" sounds if I touched her. Something between acknowledgment and complaint.

Got to work and more lights dawned about the high-rez video. Email was there saying the nice lady upstairs who is in charge of all company laptops/desktops had ordered 32GB of RAM for mine. I could probably install t myself, but we have a guy for that, and it requires removing the keyboard, not something I am very comfortable with on a laptop.

The other light is they had installed a laser system to transmit data from our lab to our desks, and it had been a PIA for a long time, but was mostly working for a couple of months. But the guy who arranged for it said today it only carries 1GB per desk, and I need 18GB. So he had his minion re-connect the 10/100/1000 cable to my laptop. That made a big difference. But not enough.

I was all ready to fail some test cases, but it turns out the person who was supposed to write them didn't. :-(

Lunch was King Chopstick, because my gastrointestinals made me too late for China Stix. Weird, because I've been drinking coconut water, which usually has the opposite effect.

Just for grins, I checked the webcams, and when I didn't see Spook in her usual haunts I tried the new bedcam. And there she was, well hidden.

That red and black cloth is a "pakama" (pah-kah-mah) which is what I used to wear in Thailand to take outdoor showers, and to lounge around. Regimental, as the Brits say. The green is the fleece, and the white thing way up by the wall is a stuffed bear. And my sister's famous quilt is what isn't maroon pillowcase.

That's pretty close to where she slept last night.

While at work I did some research on Sleep Number beds, GE Profile refrigerators and various dishwashers. Came to the conclusion that a bed was a higher priority. But was fooled by the prices on their web site. After work at the Mountain View store I found this out. I thought I would be getting out of there with just a mattress for $1k, but the cashectomy was closer to $2500. For just the mattress, and the SleepIQ feature and delivery/installation/removal. And that was with 200 off for paying with plastic instead of financing. And these are allegedly sale prices. Also surprised that delivery is not for 2 weeks.

Home, tried to pay off that much of my card, but Discover won't let me pay more than my current balance. Even though the charge was already pending. Tomorrow.

Fired up Roxio MyDVD, which turns out to be something we used to call VideoWave, which was acquired from some Canadian company as I recall. It was a huge memory/CPU hog, crashed a lot, and since I was the DVD expert, I became the main support person for it. I am flabbergasted to see it still around.

So I built a whole new Bells Are Ringing project in it, using the 1080 resolution video. All went well until I had added all 25 chapter points, and tried to return to the main page. It hung. So I did it all over again, this time going back to the main page every 5 chapters. That worked. I was even able to label the first chapter page. But then it hung. After several tries at fooling the program, I finally gave up and am burning a DVD with what I have. Tomorrow's project will be to build the thing again, but this time creating the labels each 5-chapter return to the main page. I have written down the time stamps, so it should be quicker. And that will let me also try with the 720 rez clip.

Plans for tomorrow:

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