Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Really could have skipped today completely

Decided to save water by not taking a shower. This made me early to work. Friday is donut/bagel day, they alternate every other week. Used to be they put them next to the coffee machine, but about a year ago they started putting them way down the hall in the engineering section, on a table which can be seen from the coffee machine.

I am not a coffee guy, I take the turn prior to the machine to get my morning Diet Coke. This morning I saw no bagels.

Turns out I was too early. Around noon as I was en route to checking the plumbing, which is on the other side of the hallway from the coffee machine, I saw there had been bagels. But they were all gone. :-(

Not a lot of work at work, mostly because Boss was not there to explain what he wanted in the doc he asked me to add to. It's too long and NDA-ish to get into.

Lunch was at Pizza Hovel. I asked for a pan pizza, but got a cheese-filled crust. Horribly sweet. Ate three pieces, boxed up the rest, but ended up throwing it away after work.

One reason is I didn't want the car smelling like bad pizza for my 6:30 appointment at Toyota of Sunnyvale. Once again they proved they don't actually look at the appointments which are made online. It took 10 minutes for a guy with a clipboard to get to me, even though there was only one car ahead of me, and then another 5 minutes for an actual rep, who said they don't have anyone on staff after 5 who knows how to program the annoying beep beep beep out of the car's reverse mechanism. It can't be that hard. And then it took another 15 minutes to get out of the one-way pathway because he chose to do all the paperwork for the guy ahead of me.

Tomorrow I will call one of the other Toyota places and see if they can do it. I wouldn't be surprised if none of the computer-literates work weekends.

Called the denture place, they are now closed on Friday. I left a message.

Got a call from sleep number delivery, they will install the bed next Friday. And will call a couple of days ahead of time to tell me which 4-hour window. As if it matters. Probably will take the day off. Also got a call from Lowe's, they expect the dishwasher to be in stock Monday. If it is, I'll try to get the install set for Friday as well.

Home, the DVD was hung at the same 35% as it was when I left for work. Grrr. Decided the heck with the fancy chapters & titles, just burn the video straight to the DVD. That meant using the video app instead of the DVD app. Or so I thought. Turns out the video app calls up the DVD app, but an embedded version. And it told me what was wrong - the default temp directory doesn't have enough free space. o I changed it to the 8TB drive. But it still wants to create a real DVD, even with no chapters chosen. And at 11:30 the project I started at 9 is only at 38% but it seems to still be counting up.

Plans for tomorrow
There's a total lunar eclipse which will peak at 5:03 am. I have not set up the telescope. Not really planning on getting up for it, because it will be COLD and windy.
Call Toyota places about the beep
Find a photo op
Fill the windshield washer tank

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