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The Party's Over

My favorite song from Bells Are Ringing. Finally finished the blu-ray DVD, complete with animated chapter menus and some reduction in color bleeding and a wee bit of color correction, and Dolby audio. Turns out the reason two of the three software packages I was using all died while compiling the chapters was due to the default working drive not having enough free space. It needed some multiple of 40GB, and as soon as I changed from drive C to my RAID array, the program was able to complete. 

Making the disk label was easy - just used a jpg I already had of the program cover. Printable DVDs and an Epson DVD-capable printer did the rest. I like Epson's CD/DVD print software, except for how long it takes to parse all the photos on the folder you choose as the source.

One is stamped and labeled and will be in the mail tomorrow to the music director, and I'm waiting for a snailmail address to send one to one of the few cast members I knew before I was in this show.

Weekly backup completed at about 10:30, which jives with all the new files from the DVD project. I should clean up all but the final videos

Mostly lazed around until about 2 pm, when I went outside to do sit on the porch and read through Iolanthe, but that's when it started to rain. After a little thought I grabbed my Sharks jacket, the only one which fits and is good in the rain, and went to a Starbucks in MV near Janice's place and read most of the score. I will be on stage a LOT more than I thought. After song #6, there are only two brief scenes without the men's chorus. A couple of the numbers are very long and repetitive. No wonder this is not one of G&S's most-performed shows.

Got email from the AD today with a zip file of all the parts on MIDI. Those have never been helpful for me, but I usually give them a listen anyway.

Janice sent an SOS, she couldn't figure out my instructions on how to take an audio file from iTunes and install it as her phone's ringtone. Trouble was she was trying to find it in iTunes, not in the folder where her iTunes music is stored. So I went to her place a little early, fixed that, and then drove to the Shoreline Starbucks to meet her for coffee and a chat.

Told her about being pissed off that the housewarming party in Santa Rosa yesterday that I blew off was actually a surprise wedding, and it was conducted by one of my favorite theater people. :-(

Also pissed off that the Hugo award nominations were hijacked. Last year they were somewhat skewed, but this year it was almost total.

Which reminds me, I didn't write anything here yesterday because the machine was maxed out creating the DVD. Will do that and backdate it after I finish here.

Turns out the rain didn't last, my plants barely got a tenth of an inch. The poppies and Bee's friends are sprouting, and the hummer/butterfly plants are just starting to push through the dirt. They all need water, but I'm not allowed to water them, what with the drought restrictions.

Meanwhile, hummingbirds are gulping down the sugar water to the tune of a cup every 2.5 days.

Took the garbage out while it was still light. Dumped the recycle stuff into its bins. Whatever good sumarian wheeled in my bins last week didn't wait till the recycle stuff was collected. I wish I knew who that was so I could ask them not to do it. 

Lunch today was a collection of leftovers. Hard boiled egg, olives, herring in sour cream (pretty much the only way I will eat either of those items), pre-cooked bacon. Also brought out a wedge of fancy French soft goat cheese, but it was dead.

After Starbucks, I was planning on cooking up some franks for dinner, but forgot all about that when I got home, pulled out the steamer and reheated the last of the corned beed, some mixed veggies and a slice of sourdough bread. Had some chocolate dipped cream puffs for dessert.

Watched an episode of Elementary. Disappointed that Sherlock said no to the climate expert hottie. I'd have done her, insanity genes and all. The actor still mumbles, so I still need the closed captioning turned on. Most of the others articulate enough to not need them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe BASFA, but probably not because there will be too much blather about the Hugos.
Maybe the library talk on how Oakland's gunshot triangulation system is set up. My question is why then, don't the police use it until it is too late?


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