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It's been a quiet day here in Lake Wobegone. Woke up with that strange dream at 7, went back to bed for a while, then up and out on Many Happy Returns tour. First stop, Fry's, looking for McAfee virus scan/ firewall software - Trend Micro was broken (wouldn't do port forwarding in Putty), Symantec's was also broken (it won't allow Eudora to send/receive email). They had the wireless network edition for $40 less than online (3-license version). I wasn't able to find a folding headset/mike combo for the laptop, or the Microsoft or Logitech keyboard I was looking for, so went to Microcenter. Found the keyboard, but the only good headset was USB for $60. So I picked up a little lapel mike for $7 and will stick with the folding headset I already have.

Next stop was Petco in Paseo - they gave me the 10% off from the coupon I'd forgotten yesterday. Then Pet Club, who refunded me for all the stuff I bought yesterday but didn't need.

Home, installed McAfee and the keyboard & mike. Also installed McAfee on the laptop, and ran the scan on both machines.

Somewhere in there, edit_mf emailed and we made a date for dinner. She came over and picked me up and we went to Sue's Kitchen, which is not the American Diner the name sounds like, but a nice Indian place. Excellent food, and it was great to see Edith again after all these years.

Home again, spent some quality time with the cats. Domino was getting caught on her scratching post, and she allowed me to rescue her and sat quietly as I trimmed her claws. I think that was a first. She usually makes noises which sound like she's being fatally tortured. Pumpkin then sat on my lap for a while and got petted and combed.

Talked to mom & dad, they sound good, and were happy to hear I'm coming up for Mother's Day.

Work tomorrow, back to normal now that class is over.


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