Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Backdated to Satureday

The predictions of rain tonight and tomorrow, especially in the north bay, made me wimp out on driving to a long-time theater friend's housewarming in Santa Rosa. It's 100 miles, allegedly 90 minutes, but it feels longer. I've been having trouble staying alert for drives half that long.

So I was at loose ends, and wanted a traditional breakfast to go with the smoked whitefish I bought at Costco, which meant sliced hard boiled egg, which meant buying an egg slicer. I figured F&E would have them, but they didn't. But Peet's next door did have pecan sticky buns, so I bought two.

Still needed the egg slicer so I went to Target, found one right away, and also found a bar of Ghirardelli's dark chocolate with mango flavoring.

Spent a lot of time on the computer re-doing the Bells Are Ringing DVD. After playing the first one I made, it was clear I needed to re-record from the VCR, this time in one fell swoop (I accidentally knocked out the connector before the end of Act II and stitched the two parts together).

The software let me reduce the saturation and get rid of most of the red halos, and sharpen the image, and in the thumbnail it looked pretty good.

Instead of using the separate Corel DVD Factory, I called up the one built into Corel Video Studio, which is pretty much the same, but with a reduced choice of themes. Also went with their generic background image instead of my own. Since I have a list of the time stamps for each chapter, those went in with no problem. Only took about 15 minutes.

I set the machine to create both a hardware DVD and a set of files on the PC. An error message right at the start gave me The Clue I  needed - the temp directory was pointed to drive C, which did not have enough free space. We are talking about 80GB. So I pointed that at the RAID array, and all was well.

Since it was eating most of my CPU and memory, I decided to walk away and let it crank, overnight if needed. So I went to Cheetah's and watched some naked pole dancers. My favorite aerialist was there, and she came over to chat, but I don't do lap dances there because $60 is insane. And after her, the next three dancers were larger than I go to these places to see, so I left after an hour.

Stopped at F&E because I wanted something chocolate. Bought a Claimjumper chocolate silk pie, and some chocolate dipped cream puffs, also frozen mango pieces and blueberries and a hand of dreadfully small bananas. And mint chocolate cookies. It's okay, they are all natural.

Home, had a piece of pie, checked in on  the DVD (still working), went to bed and read some more on the Kindle app, checked the DVD again, then went to bed for real.

Woke up at 3:30, the DVD was done, so I shut down the PC.

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