Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Man Ick Monday

It took a couple of hours to get to sleep last night, despite the glass of wine. Maybe the late night slice of chocolate silk pie had something to do with it.

Team meeting at work focused a lot on my two projects. Had to write a very complicated test case to cover a bug which a customer reported. And then add both the test case and the bug to the release doc. By the time I was done it was 2:30.

Lunch was at the Mercado Starbucks, because I went down Great America Parkway instead of San Thomas. The *$s on San Thomas is tiny, parking is a bitch, but I had not been there in eons. Glad I went to Mercado, because it was soaking in eye candy. Lots of turnover, too.

Back at work, engineering asked if something on the new machine which has never worked, was working now. Nope. An engineer had marked it as working, but he misread the return from the machine. So no, it isn't fixed.

Home for a little bit, the hummingbird feeder was almost empty, and one of those little guys got in my face about it, so I refilled it. And then he sat in the tree across the street and if another bird came to the feeder, he chased it away.

Library, got there late because I made a wrong turn again. It was that kind of day. The talk was from the founder of ShotSpotter, the audio system which SFPD uses to locate gunshots. His materials were amateur, but he covered almost all the bases of audio triangulation, which he liked to call multiangulation because it is computed from multiple sites. But it's really a series of triangulations. I asked him why they didn't also use heat detection, but he thought I was asking about light, and blew it off by saying light needs line of sight. Which heat detection doesn't. Especially gunshot blasts.

He spent some time ridiculing the patent process. He showed us his original summary, which was laughably simplistic, and then the patent attorney's version, which was a succinct description of what the patent covered, and he chortled over the "lawyer-ese". Frankly, his patent was lame, his lawyer's was pretty good.

BTW, if you click on the company's link, be warned that you may need Dramamine. For the drama.

Home, Spook was behind the carport door again.

Beef pot pie for dinner. Watched Who Do You Think You Are, Sean Patrick SomethingIrish. Who dug into his father's past and discovered he came from a long line of drunken Irishmen with long criminal records.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the insurance company to find out why they haven't approved my lower denture three months later.
Finish reading through Iolanthe

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