Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Better latent than never

Work was good-ish. Got the 32GB memory upgrade on my laptop. Idiot IT guy brought it to me with only 16 installed, I had to send him back to put in the other two 8GB chips (I had given him 4). He gets to keep the two 4GB chips which had been in the machine.

It made some difference, but not enough. CPU is too slow for the project. And it's an i7. I think what we have really proven is the marketing people are whacked to think end users will ever see these videos stream until we have optical to the home. The 4K format is for DVD players, not streaming. Even using HEVC compression.

Lunch at the ugly Togo's. Asian chicken salad.  Almost went for meatball sandwich, but wanted more veggies.

Short stop home after work, then to the songwriters' meetup. Half the people who signed up did not show, I blame that on the nasty weather but more on the backlash of last month's meeting when 15 people showed up in a room built for a dozen, max.

I waited till last, and presented my Thai love song project, and was surprised at how well received it was. People pointed out that my English translation actually scanned with the music much of the time, which was a complete accident.

Also got to plug Iolanthe.

Email from the Iolanthe producer, there is a spreadsheet on Google docs with all the info - staff & cast list, first 2 weeks of rehearsal schedule, and lots more yet to be filled in. Like orchestra, costume measurements, set shop schedule, etc. And they still have not told us what time the read-through will be. We have a date, not a time.

Home from the meetup, watched Sam Goldwyn's grandson trace the other side of his family tree in Who Do You Thing You Are? He was so not excited when he said he was excited. It was clear he was hoping for some colorful ancestors like the other side of the family. All they turned up was his 3x grandparents founded Hood River, OR. Boring.

Lit the furnace and turned the switch from "cool" to "heat". After a scorching winter, it is now fall in California. We had some rain last night, more than a trace, but only 0.03". The Bee's Friends flowers liked it, and the roses.

A big check for the 3 years I didn't use on the Corolla's 5-year extended warranty made it possible for me to buy a refurbished version of the $1500 lens my boss just bought new.

Dinner was sausages and veggies. Pie for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:

Maybe Costco for paper plates & Kraft Singles, and Safeway for frozen dinners.

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