Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's Winter again

Woke up to mid-40s temps outside, but the furnace kept things comfortable inside. I tried to stay in bed too long, but Spook jumped up and yelled right into my ear until I got up. Did some extra stuff on the computer (paid 2x my first car loan to see if that would change the next due date, ordered another batch of insulin). Got dressed, and heard Spook pushing her treats dish around. Once in a while she will do that as a hint.

Got a call from the dishwasher delivery/installer people, they wanted to schedule it for next week, but when I told him I was going to be home Friday for other deliveries, he changed it to Friday, no argument at all. Later in the day Sleep Number robo-called saying they would be there Friday between 11 am and 3 pm.

Packed my usual snacks, but felt like I'd missed something. L8r at work I figured it out. No HB egg and no peanut butter. But I did have 2 bananas...

Good morning at work, plowed though a bunch of test cases. Lunch at Boston Market. Chicken pot pie is advertised as all white meat, but it's all dark meat, which I prefer. They had a pulled pork promotion going. Not interested.

On the way back I took a small detour to deposit the check from Toyota, $1200, which was more than I expected and more than enough to pay for the lens I had been wanting to buy for the "new" camera. Or the dishwasher, depending o how one juggles the budget. It was a piece of financial stupidity on the part of Toyota. Instead of applying that to the maintenance contract I bought for the Prius, they charged me full price for that and processed the refund for the unused Corolla extended warranty.

Quiet afternoon at work because what I had planned to test was pulled from the feature list. No tears, it really wasn't a feature that needed to be there, but it meant I ran out of things to do. And then boss slid our 1-on-1 to tomorrow. So I went outside to our little umbrella tables and enjoyed banana #2 and the blue sky and sunshine. Was going to phone sister #2, but decided to wait until she saw the Burger King post I was going to put on her FB timeline.


#2 sister was proposed to in a Burger King, he used a paper BK ring, and gave her a BK crown. Their engagement photo was a romantic one of them from the back, holding hands, walking toward the sun setting behind a BK.

After work, a quick surgical strike at Costco for paper plates, American Singles, lactose-free 2% milk, and bananas. I did not see bananas, but I got some blueberries. Wanted to stock up on walnuts, but not at $10/lb. Would have bought some dark chocolate stuff, but there was nothing where I could buy just the flavor I wanted and not 2 or 3 others I don't like.

As my stuff was moving down the check-out conveyor belt, the guy behind me slapped a hand of bananas on there. Too late to get out of line and grab some, and I didn't want to be That Customer®™.

Home, and as I was about to punch the code into the door lock, this happened:

My next door (to the left) neighbor's main caregiver called out to me from their porch, and said my neighbor, Mary, wanted to meet me. Mary came to her door using a walker, and yelled across to me that tomorrow is her 101st birthday, and she wanted to see what I looked like and talk to me. She is the opposite of the frail, sickly ancient person I imagined, and she has one heck of a fine stage voice.

I have been living in this house since December 2013, and had never seen my next door neighbor. I was scared to go over there because I had seen a birthday greeting for her in the HOA magazine last year for her 100th birthday. I have talked to her caregivers a little, but did not want to bother someone that old.

We talked for about 10 minutes. She wants me to meet her son the next time he visits, which sounds like a good idea. She also told me the woman who previously owned my house had been  her caregiver for a while.

She said she had two complaints about turning 101. First, that she doesn't think she should really still be here. And second, what is she going to do with all the flowers people are sending her?

Happy birthday Mary. Pleased to finally meet you

Inside, gave Spook some treats. Sat out on the porch and watched hummingbirds, took some photos of the roses, which are coming up, well, roses. Many more buds yet to bloom. I know I should cut some of them back, but maybe next time. Decided to train the hummers, so I stood next to the feeder and waited. There are three distinct birds. Two are tiny females (one has a slightly torn tail feather) and a 2x as large male. Each of them came up to my face and inspected me. The females then carried on to the feeder, but wouldn't perch on it. The male would zip between me and the tree across the street that they all hang out in.

Dinner was a small spaghetti and meatballs frozen item, and some chocolate cream pie.

Fired up Amazon Fire and poked around my watch list. Played the trailer for Silverado, it's not offered as a freebie, and I wasn't planning watching all of it tonight, especially at $4 for a 24-hour rental, but maybe Friday when I'm home waiting for the bed & dishwasher.

Started watching a freebie called The Second Best Science Fiction Movie Of All Time which wasn't. Very boring, but lithe women in spandex body suits will pull me back to it some day.

 Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up insulin if it's ready
Home, clear off the area above the dishwasher. Unload the dishwasher

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