Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Dinner For You - Or Lunch

I have not been feeling very hungry today, and only art of that is my habit of snacking all day. Ate about 2 cups of mixed nuts about an hour before lunchtime. Got in the car, heading for the nearest eatery because there was a meeting at 2:30 to get back to. But just as I got onto the road, my tummy said "go back, or be embarrassed". So I did, and that was a Good Idea. But by the time I was done I was feeling logy, so I grabbed my Nexus and went to the break room and read from the Kindle app, while most of the gang was playing pool & ping pong. And eating lunch.

Back at my desk, thought the trouble was high blood sugar, but my meter said 75, which is too low. Self-medicated with a Snickers bar. Those Betty White ads work.

That helped.

Meeting was bizarre. I got there 2 minutes early, only the Boss' boss was there. The next person who showed up he sent away, saying he was canceling the meeting because so many people were on vacation and no one was showing up. And then 5 minutes late, 20 people showed up as if the bus had just arrived. So we had the meeting.

1-on-1 was pretty short. I'd already done the stuff with H.265 boss wanted. I'll probably see him Sunday at the Thai temple for Songkran.

Straight home after work, took the laptop out to the porch and installed the new Norton from Comcast. This morning Firefox refuse to connect to any web sites, but Chrome was okay. Then I noticed the Norton taskbar icon was missing, and FFox was relying on its add-on. Comcast's free Norton installation expires every year or two, they never notify the customers. So that was half an hour I'll never get back. Twice.

Spent some time admiring the roses, and being buzzed by hummingbirds.

Then there was a lot of prep work to do. Kitchen:
- Clear off the counter above the dishwasher and clean it
- Move all the stuff under the sink to other places not under the sink. That was a lot more work than it sounds like
- Shift the dining table and chairs so the kitchen door can open all the way
- Shift the microwave cart to the other side of the kitchen island so the dishwasher can be pulled out all the way without requiring contortionists
- Relocate the kitchen garbage can and the two recycle buckets
- Relocate the plastic lawn chairs which have been parked near the kitchen door
- Shift the porch table and chairs. Probably will need to move them off the porch, which is the pathway to the kitchen door

- Move the exercise bike into the piano room so the mattress path is wide enough

- Move the two racks from the left side of the bed into the 3rd bedroom
- Move the two heaters into the 3rd bedroom
- Shift the nightstand away from the bed. It will probably shift into the bathroom tomorrow
- Move the shelving boards from behind the door to against the TV stand so the bedroom door can open all the way

Plans for tomorrow:
8:30- 10:30 window for the dishwasher
11-3 window for the mattress
If things are done by noon, pick up insulin prescription at Kaiser. Otherwise, wait till after rush hour. Or Saturday.


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