Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday off - was off more than expected

I had taken Friday off to be there for the new dishwasher installation sometime between 8:30 and 10:30 am, and a sleep number mattress between 11 and 3. If things were done by 1 I could also pick up a bunch of insulin waiting for me at Kaiser.  

Dishwasher guy arrived at 9:30. Looking under the sink, he saw that the cheap plastic valves and pipes which were good enough for the 15-year-old low pressure machine would burst if he used them for the new one. And then he measured the height clearance - half an inch too low for the machine I was sold as being "they only make one size". He said there are ADA-compliant machines which are short enough. It also needed a vacuum cap & hose drilled into the sink - something he could do but $200 more.

So I had to send the machine back for a refund. A licensed plumber would need to re-pipe the house for any new machine to work. I may get an estimate, there's a plumber advertising in the HOA magazine who lives in and specializes in manufactured homes. But not any time soon because I am pissed. The only thing really wrong with the current dishwasher is it doesn't dry, and it's old and kind of small for pots & pans & bakeware.

Sleep number showed up as they arrived at the street, but had not been given the directions I gave to the rep. Rental truck, only two small boxes. Two big burly guys had no trouble removing my too-thick mattress. They knew what they were doing, got the mattress set up on my adjustable frame, programmed the SleepIQ feature, connected to the wi-fi network. The bed's controller only does 2.5GHz, did not even see the 5GHz.

They were done by 12:30, I think.

I had shooed Spook into the bathroom while they were working on the bed, and when I went to bring her out, she was totally traumatized, curled up behind the toilet.  She is still totally scared of people.

About 1 I was in the car and headed for Kaiser. Got my insulin, brought it straight home. Almost. Had not eaten yet, thought a Togo's meatball sandwich sounded good as I passed the one on Lawrence. Figured the one across from Levi's Stadium was on the way home and headed there. It would have been smarter to make a U turn and go to the one on Lawrence. The one across from Levi's was more out of my way. Got my sandwich and drove home.

And had all day to kill. Could almost have gone in to work.

Got bored, drove to Sunnyvale Theater to see The Mystery of Edwin Drood because all my theater friends were saying how good it was. I had my doubts.

It was bad because it was so good.

The cast was drawn mostly from the Saratoga group. Lots more talent than Svale. HUGE cast, onstage or in reserved seats or along the audience stairs more than half the time. Very high energy. Costumes ranged from excellent to not good enough to donate to charity. The orchestra was horrible, and way too much of the show was underscored by music which distracted instead of helped.

One good thing is they did not use microphones. Two or three of the cast were not projecting enough to be heard, but most had real theater voices. And the massive chorus was more than a match for the orchestra.

The way this show is written, sucks. Instead of simply writing a musical based on Dickens' last, unfinished, novel, they use the canard of a ragged London music hall style traveling company presenting the Dickens piece. There is no line between what is the play and what is the theater company. And for me it ruined the mystery. 

Leaving the theater, after saying hi to half the cast, I saw that I had on my calendar going to Red Rock cafe at 8 to hear a friend's band. Sigh.

Home, spent a lot of time playing with the sleep numbers. The sleepIQ did not appear to be working, it showed the stats for the half hour Spook was on the other side of the bed, but not for me.


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