Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I didn't post yesterday because there wasn't enough to post about

Stayed in bed till 2 pm. Some of that was playing with the sleep number bed settings, and some of it was enjoying the much better signal from YouTube videos now that I re-purposed one of my spare routers into a wi-fi relay in the bedroom. Watched some recent Chris Christie town hall snippets, and continue to be entertained and impressed with his style. Unfortunately, he is one of those politicians who does not separate his traditional Catholicism from his politics, and for that reason I could never vote for him for President. He would probably make a stellar director of HUD, however. Or FEMA. Does HUD still even exist?

Spook continued to be traumatized. She woke me up at a little after 6 am by jumping on my leg, walking up my body to my neck, and yelling at me a few times. Then she went back to the foot of the bed and jumped off.

Later, while I was at the main computer, she huddled into the far corner of the office, the one I had to remove some equipment from a few months ago when she was doing that then. The sleep number installers made a lot of noise, and I had made the mistake of shutting her into the master bathroom, where she hides out a lot of the time anyway. Should have let her choose her own hiding place like I did earlier that day when the dishwasher guy came over.

Today was more normal. I was up at 7:30, ready to head out by 9, but looking at the Thai temple web site, 10 was early enough.

But they lied. The performances started at 10, and by 10:30 when I got there, I had to park in the second overflow lot. This year they had permission to use the very large and almost unused Nursery Park lot. It's one of those old estates which has been turned into a park, with a massive rose garden, and there is also an old adobe and a local ecological nursery. I got there just as the temple van pulled in.

Took lots of photos. Was very impressed by the costumes, and the modernization of the dance presentations. They also shifted a lot away from Bangkok centric classical dance to Northeastern folk dance. The good news is every kid had an instrument to play, the school had bought a bunch of identical hammered dulcimers in distinctive lightweight cases. But the level of musicality was piss poor.

One good thing is the number of students has grown a lot.

The water fights were restricted to the front parking lot, and the chaperons kept things from getting out of hand, which is no fun at all. What? No buckets? No hoses? 

I got a lot of good photos, but need to process them. 

The food arrangement was changed now that the health department shut down the weekly food stalls. This time real restaurants brought in food and staff, and collected donations. The temple did not sell donation coins, so the $20 in coins I brought were worthless. I was busy taking photos until about 1, and when I went for food there wasn't any left that I liked. :-(

Bailed at about 2:30, which meant I was able go home for a bit and then meet Janice for coffee and use my free drink award for a frappucino.

While I was home, Spook finally came out from her office corner, but as she was heading for the front of the house, UPS loudly dropped a package on the front porch, which scared her all the way back.

The delivery was the base for a patio umbrella. Heavy. Loud bang. Amazon had said it was shipping the base and "one other item" so I figured it was the umbrella. The box was big enough. But no, the other item was a 12-pack of toothbrush heads for my OralB. Almost didn't see them among the tons of packing.

Dinner was lasagna from the freezer, to which I added string cheese and Parmesan. Strawberries and mint fudge cookies for dessert.

Watched the news. Two innocent bystanders killed in separate police chases in SF. In one, there were three police cars going hellbent for leather through downtown streets. The idiot chief said the pedestrian was killed early in the chase, which made the robbers killers, and we don't want killers to run loose, do we? 

In the other case, the cops did stop chasing, but the Camaro kept going. They didn't say whether to cops turned off their lights and sirens, or simply stopped with them on, where the chasee could see them.

Hilary has announced her candidacy. Gag me. If there is one thing to be learned from 2008, it's to wait till election year to launch the campaign. This feels so much like the Hugos.

Plans for tomorrow:

BASFA, maybe

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