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All The We Need Is The Girl

And the umbrella. Lots of deliveries today, the 24-70 f2.8 lens arrived a day early, kind of wish I had it yesterday, but the 28-300 was probably better for the close-ups. Just finished processing the photos from the Thai temple, and am mostly pleased with the results. Some outstanding portraits and pretty good action shots, but the dove release was kind of meh.

Photos are here

Also delivered was the UW Alumni license plate frame, also expected tomorrow. It will go on tomorrow.**

A pair of real Samsung batteries for the cell phone arrived, they are charging. I always carry a spare. The three faux ones I have been using have not been holding a charge.

**Because I decided to be lazy and play with the sleep number bed instead of going to BASFA. And while I was doing that I was multi-tasking and thinking that maybe BASFA meetings have lost their appeal for me. I can continue to follow them through the minutes and FB posts.

The SleepIQ® feature is not at all accurate. I get out of bed at least twice a night, but it shows those as "restless". It also reports more details for the other side of the bed than there was activity. Spook was on that side of the bed for much of last night, but she shouldn't be able to make a dent in the readings. I've "baselined" the bed twice now, doesn't seem to make a difference. And it seems to not be able to cope with raising the head of the bed.

It's an interesting system. The bed connects to the remotes (including Android apps I have on the phone & Nexus tablet) via bluetooth, but uses wi-fi to upload it to SleepNumber's servers. So the data goes from the controller to wi-fi, back to the controller, and out to bluetooth.

The last 2 nights I manually set my number to 70 and 60, after running the "find your number"  widget and getting way too soft 35. This time it gave me 45. Still seems too soft, but I'll try it.

Salisbury steak with pasta & cheddar from Boston Market's frozen foods collection, for dinner.

Work was pretty quiet, short team meeting, only really had one test case to do, and need to talk to Boss about it because it seems that it was automated in 2007 and though it has passed each time since then, something must be wrong with either the test case or the automation script, because it fails for both me and Automation Guy, Jr. when we run it manually.

Lunch at Carl's Jr., because I was down to Hgl of 82, and  needed one of their chocolate shakes. Forgot my lactose-remover pills and suffered the consequences. Luckily the rest room stall was unoccupied. And clean.

Still reading William Gibson's Peripherals on the Kindle app even though it didn't make the bogus Hugo nominations. Not sure it deserved to, because it is overly long for the premise. And needlessly complicated, without being as whodunnity as it could have been.

I read the first Ancillary novel after it won last year, and thought it deserving, but will not be voting for the sequel, because...sequel, and the original wasn't any better than your average Hugo-winning novel.

There was stupidity on the freeways today, some guy walked out to the top layer of a multi-layer overpass where three or four major freeways meet, and instead of the police calling in animal control to shoot a dart into him, they did their usual eff-up job of blocking traffic in every direction for miles. It was an obvious 15 minutes of fame stunt which got him several unearned hours of it. Should have just ignored him. Or shot him in the crotch.

So I took surface roads home instead of any of the expressways, which only added about 5 minutes to the commute. In the opposite direction from the non-jumper.

Plans for tomorrow:

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