Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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The Day of Two

Last week at this time I was telling Boss that lately every Tuesday I grumble about how it is only Tuesday, but on Friday I am wondering where the week went.
The sleep number bed lied again. It said the person on the left side (me) had no data for last night, but the person on the right side (nobody) slept pretty much the way I did. I am sleeping slightly longer with the new bed.

The highlight of work today was a missive from Corporate to read their ethics policy and take the ethics training and test. The docs are well written, easy to understand for a native speaker with a college degree and at least one class in law. The training course is a slick, well-produced hour-long or more mosaic of cleverly chosen stock images, a couple of short well-produced videos and some interactive "choose the right answers" animations. There is only one problem, and that is it had almost no connection to the job me and my team do. It's all about employees who are in sales, or marketing, or business to business posts. The only item which applied to me was the one about not pirating software, and it wasn't on the test. I only missed one of the 10 questions, something about international money laundering. I do my laundry at home, thankyouverymuch.

A massive waste of time for me. Except it was nice to see a whole document on how they have a very solid policy to protect whistleblowers, with a lot of follow-up in the course materials. I'm not in a position to blow any whistles, and I can't imagine Boss or Boss' boss needing to be whistled about, or at.

In real work news, me and Automation Guy, Jr. opened a small can of worms about an old (2007) test case which was rewritten for the new video format. Filed a bug when the case could not be run because it was like "if you see A+B+C at the input, you should only see A+B at the output, but you can add C later". Trouble is we were getting A+B+C at the output, so we couldn't test whether it could be added later. So Engineering is looking through the history books to see if that requirement was changed somewhere along the way.

Lunchtime was spent getting my nails done. Had to wait 15 minutes, which I spent at Smart & Final, and walked away with $1.85 worth of 63¢ a piece bananas. Was looking for a foldable paper towel holder, but they had none.

The woman who did my nails took a long time. She went over the same routine on the same fingers two or three times. Hmmm. And some of it hurt. Probably time move on.

Straight home after work. The umbrella was waiting in its box on the porch. I set it up, hoping to sit in the shade, but the umbrella is too wide and the pole is too high by a lot. Nice umbrella, though. A shame to return it. An awning won't work, the roof is too high and it would block the hummingbirds. I need one of those umbrellas with an angled pole. Or maybe just a shorter pole and smaller shade.

Spook is being very vocal lately. It's annoying for her to call me over, pose, and then run away.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I called a local plumber, one who knows manufactured homes because he lives in one, and he will come over noon Thursday to do an estimate. I also spent a lot of time online researching shorter dishwashers, and stumbled on Home Despot's site, which lets you filter by minimum height clearance required, and a bunch of other things, and it gave me three models, GE, Whirlpool and Frigidaire which are all less expensive than the KitchenAid I had bought from Lowe's. Price and loudness seem to be reversely correlated. The GE model is the most expensive and the one I like best, but it needs 33.375" clearance,. and I measure roughly 33". Maybe 33.25. I'll ask the plumber to give me a second opinion. The other two only need 32.5". I looked up the installation manual for the one I have, it says Frigidaire on the front, but the label inside says Electrolux. It claims to be able to fit in 33.5". Hard to measure clearance when there's a machine in the opening.

So maybe I will be able to do this new dishwasher thing after all.

The lens I am selling on eBay has 18 watchers but no bids, with 21 hours to go.

In other news, two people marked one of my Songkran photos as a favorite on Flickr, and no others so far. I know why, but it was far from the best pic in the set.

Those white specs are doves. That's as close as they got to the temple.  I like my close-up portraits best, like these:

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