Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Eye candy for hump day, unexpected

Up 15 minutes before the alarm, Spook jumped onto the bed, meowed loudly twice, then ran back down the hallway. Sleep number bed at 55, slept well, but 55 is too soft to push myself up from. I really need to buy a set of legs to get the bed back up to its previous height.

Out and about at a little after 9, should have been earlier. Remembered to pack the banana and the HB egg. And blueberries.

Work was pretty light, just more of the same with the new video formats. Fellow tester thought he found a bug, but it turned out one of his Ethernet ports had stopped working in full duplex. There's a setting for that, which I forgot about till I got home.

Lunchtime the obsession was to go to the mall, find that kiosk where they make custom license plate frames, and have one made as a parody of the community college where I took most of my digital electronics classes. Long story short, with two classes to go, my job transferred me to San Leandro, so I never got the AA, but I took the equivalent non-credit class at Intel later.

North Seattle Community College looks like a penitentiary

It is across I-5 from Northgate Mall, so we not so affectionately call it Northgate State. I even bought a T-shirt in their bookstore with that name on it. But they discontinued it, and have been trying to upgrade their image.

So I drove way out to Valley Faire Mall, across from Satanic Row, only to find the kiosk's name taped over in the directory. And no other kiosk or shop doing the frames.

So on to the food court, which has gone through a major overhaul, mostly not for the best. Ivar's is gone, replaced by Thai fast food. Cinnabon is gone, a Chicken Wow is in that space. And there's a vegan thing where the sbarro's used to be. I ate at Panda Express, which was a mistake because all the good stuff now costs twice as much. But oh, the cavalcade of eye candy as I sat nearby and ate. Apparently young women dress to the nines to go to the mall, or they undress to the nines. Many short shorts with bare legs. Many bare midriffs. Dresses one might wear clubbing. And I don't mean harpo seals. And several mother-daughter pairs who looked like BFFs or sisters from 10 feet away.

I thought about going back there with the laptop after work, but rush hour traffic in that direction is impossible. Went straight home instead.

Had a chat with the right-hand neighbors, who love my roses, and the Mrs has a jungle (I mean that in a good way) growing.

Took down the umbrella and packed it up. Probably will Goodwill it because it is not $$ enough to bother returning minus shipping.

Turkey franks with Grey Poop-on and sauerkraut for dinner. TMZ. Watched hummingbirds. I never get tired of that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bail at 11:30 to be home for the plumber
Back to work

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