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Plumb To Rights

Slept not so well last night, sleep number at 100, way too firm. Spook liked it, though. Made it easier for her to jump from the head of the bed to the window sill behind the blackout curtain panel, which she fought with.

Up and out early because Plan A was to leave work at 11:30 to be home at noon for the plumber's estimate and then make lunch at home.

Plan A worked well, plumber arrived a few minutes early, but I'd had time to refill the hummingbird feeder and read out on the porch. He took a look at the pipes and said all it really needed was for the two plastic valves to be replaced by metal ones, and while he was at it, put in more pressure-bearing hose than the pipes are. I don't need to drill a hole in the sink for a vacuum cap, there's a hose already in place which will provide the same effect.

He said he could do the work right then, he just needed to nip down the block (he lives nearby) and grab the parts. $150.

So I sat on the porch, enjoying the 80° shade and lots of visits by the three or four resident tiny birds, while Spook kept curled up in the far corner of the office. Not traumatized, just cautious.

It took a bit longer than I expected, I was back on my way to work at 3. Boss had a couple of questions about two projects I was working on, and then there was our 4 pm new product QA meeting, which should have taken 20 minutes but somehow filled the whole hour.

Had a bunch of screen captures to do, got those done just at go-home time.

Stopped at Home Depot, looked at dishwashers. Someone asked me if I needed help as soon as I touched a machine, which was a Good Thing because HD's appliance department often feels like everyone died and went to the garden department. He disappeared after I explained that Discover Card had a special deal, I had to order online to get, I just wanted to actually see what I was already planning to order.

Turns out they did not have that model on the floor, but they had the one higher and the one lower, which are almost the same. And just to be fair, I also stopped in at Lowe's, where the two salezombies sat at their monitors and completely ignored me. They only had two models of the brand I wanted, neither of them close to what I saw at HD, and both too tall for the space and too loud. They mostly have the Asian brands.

I waltzed out of there, went home and was about to browse to Discover, when email came in that the lens I was selling on eBay was sold & paid for by someone in SoCal, which meant if I got it mailed tomorrow, he might have it for the weekend. So I did the online shipping thing (eBay makes it way easy, and gave me $1.30 off) and packed it up in lots of bubble wrap and a flat rate box.

THEN I went to Discover, which linked me to HD, which walked me through a very easy ordering process. Lowes charges $130 to install & haul away the old one, then about $40 for hoses and a power cord. HD charged $100 for install, $15 to haul away, and $20 for the installation kit. I also had them throw in the power cord, just in case, for $10. And it brings up a calendar, showing the earliest install date, which is next Tuesday, so I clicked on that. It says they call the night before with the delivery window.

A little bummed it's not happening Saturday, but only a little.

Dinner was one of my old standbys, since I had a raw egg left over from the last hard boil. Mock Pastichio.
- Slice 2 or 3 turkey franks into 1/4" rounds and dump them into a pot of water. Turn the heat to high
- Add a cup of frozen veggies
- Microwave 4 pieces of string cheese for 17 seconds and set aside
- Liberate from the fridge 3 slices of American cheese
- Measure a cup of large elbow macaroni
- Add a generous slice of margarine, butter or 2tablespoons of olive oil to the water
When the water comes to a boil, add the macaroni
Boil for 10 minutes
Strain and pour into a small ceramic mixing bowl
Crack in the egg
Lay the string cheese on top
Lay the American cheese on top of that
Microwave on high for 3 minutes

Out of the microwave, stir everything together, add Parmesan, thyme, oregano or whatever to taste.
Feeds 1 of me. Probably 2 adults or 3 kids. Or 2 kids who enjoy throwing sticky wads of gooey food.

In other news, Spook played fetch with me a little - she found her little mouse toy, brought it to me, and when I threw it she brought it almost all the way back 3 times before deciding it was her mouse, and I can't have it. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish the screen cap project
Maybe Starbucks after work


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