Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Note About My Fandom

I am not a fan of anything in the true sense of the word. I am an enjoyer. And an appreciator. And what I enjoy has changed over time.

In high school I was in the band, and the pep band. I was a pretty good trumpet player. I played at all the basketball games, and enjoyed watching them, even though our team only had one guy worth his varsity letter, and we only won a few games a year. In college I was in the concert band, but didn't join the marching band until my senior year, had switched from trumpet to baritone horn, partly because I enjoyed baritone more and partly because I was totally outclassed by trumpet players who were going to be making it their careers. Anyhow, that meant I was not in pep band, and did not play or attend basketball games. I just did not have time for sports except for that final year where I played all the football games. I enjoyed playing, and I enjoyed the games, except when we were losing 0-52 and it was raining hard.

I still enjoy playing, and football, but my enjoyment is in watching quality play, so Seattle is my football team. After the Sonics were kidnapped and sent into exile I haven't enjoyed basketball. Also cutting into my enjoyment is the size of the players has made the height of the hoop and the length of the court ridiculously small. The game is no longer about talent, it's about size. With the notable exception of the Warriors' Steph Curry. But then, for that level of talent we've always had the Globetrotters.

I played little league baseball, and was a big home run hitter. But I was fat, so if I didn't hit a home run I would be thrown out getting to base. I rarely struck out, and never understood why it was difficult for my teammates to put the bat where the ball was. But then we moved to Seattle, and there was no baseball worth speaking of. Still isn't. Playing is one thing, but watching is another, and it bores me to tears. I think pitchers' battles are hogwash. Batters aren't being trained well if they can't get a piece of every ball in the strike zone, and learn to not swing at the other pitches.

Hockey has never interested me, too much brute force for something played on the edge of a pair of knives. And WTF is icing for?

Soccer? Something is wrong when a game can go scoreless for 90 minutes. Make the field smaller. Make the goal bigger. Take away those obnoxious red cards.

Anyhow, as I said, I am not a fan. In the sci-fi community, I'm the same. I enjoy a well-written story. I especially enjoy a well-written story which takes a known science fact, or some speculation based on science theory, and works it in. I enjoy movies with well written scripts, with actual acting, and a moderate amount of special effects. But I won't read a book or see a movie more than once unless I either can't remember I already did that, or if it has reached down my throat and pulled out my heart from the inside.

The very short list includes
Alice in Wonderland (book)
Through the Looking Glass (book)
The Princess Bride (book and movie)
Enchanted (movie)
Red Dwarf (book)
The Trouble With Tribbles (TV episode)


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