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Just a Quickie because it's late

Busy at work today, did remote stuff on machines in Oregon and three places in Ohio. On the side I re-imaged my laptop (finally got tired of seeing "Hit F11 to recover your PC" every time I booted up.) Sony tried that recovery partition crap while I worked there, we mostly nuked it because customers would see the prompt, and proceed to wipe their machine back to factory defaults. And it eats 6GB of space. Also traded Media Center Edition for Home Edition.

This evening I continued, installing the software I need for this to be both a personal and work travel machine. More to be done tomorrow, but I have 80% done now.

Went shopping - I needed salad stuff, cheese and Q-tips, and ended up spending $93. The only thing I bought that I didn't need was a bottle of Chateau St. Jean Fumé Blanc. It was on sale for $10, and is one of only two wines which I actually liked at a winery tasting. Lately I've been having a glass of wine before bed to help me get to sleep, maybe two or three times a week. It seems to work.

The fish tank water is several notches clearer than it was when I went to work this morning. The gouramis have come out of hiding, along with the male betta, but the female bettas are still parking themselves atop the floating fuzzy plant jungle, partly spooked by the move and partly spooked by the gouramis, I think. Bettas and gouramis both breathe air from the surface as well as through gills, so it's not unusual for them to "hide" near the surface from bigger fish. Next step is to plant some of the floating jungle in the gravel. The stuff ought to grow roots and make a shelter area on the bottom.


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