Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

End of the Work Week

Spook woke me up as soon as the alarm went off. I had slept very well, and she jumped on the bed yelling at me. hat was 7:30. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, and went back to bed till 8.

On my way out the door I grabbed the eBay package to be mailed, and a sign-up form with my last free dinner coupon for the HOA dinner on the 25th. I put the form on the roof of the car over the driver's door and put the package and my lunchbox in the hatchback. And then I drove off, completely forgetting the form.

Which I did not discover until lunchtime. The gang wanted to check out my Prius, so I drove us to Barn Thai, and when I grabbed things off the front seat, the form was not there, where I had planned on putting it, to remind me to drop it off at the community center on the way home. It is gone. I didn't see it anywhere around the carport or along the path out to the freeway. Possible that a neighbor picked it up and threw it away. Not possible that a neighbor picked it up and brought it to the center, I don't think. I can get another form, but not another coupon, and the diner isn't worth full price.

Lots of work and email to follow up on. Details would be boring except that my boss gave me credit for working on a product test document in email which went to some of the bigger wigs in the building.

Lunchtime, Barn Thai made us wait half an hour after we put our names down, but let lots of people in who did not have reservations. The manager came out to take our orders when she said there would be a table for us in 5 minutes. 10 minutes later she called us, the table had been ready a long time, the ice had already melted in the thai iced tea. :-(

Food was okay. Pot Thai used the wrong noodles. Too thin. But was otherwise okay. Could have used fish sauce.

Thought about going to Starbucks or the mall after work, but went to the ATM and home instead, with a plan to go out for dinner.

The canopied camp chair arrived, I set it up, it worked beautifully, except it's a tad hard to get out of. Sun in my eyes problem solved. Now I need to recycle the 4 patio chairs.

Went to Sunnyvale town center, had dinner at The Firehouse. Last time it was a zoo, because playoffs. This time it was just loud. The place is designed to amplify noise. Women at two nearby tables by the wall had percussive laughs which bounce off the walls into my head. Very annoying. But the waitresses are sexy, they wear a uniform which is almost a school uniform, plaid mini-kilt with a black V-neck T-shirt. Very cute. The service was pretty fast this time, too.

Ran the last load in the dishwasher. Nothing leaked, so I'm ready for the Tuesday installation. I'll unload it tomorrow.

Other plans for tomorrow:
Maybe take the train to SF, look for a SF Starbucks mug. Take photos. Hang out at the mall.

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