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Started this an hour ago but..

Made the mistake of checking FB for new comments on my posts. Nancie's birthday was yesterday, we were in the Peace Corps in Thailand together, and  posted a photo of her putting on her game face while getting one of the vaccinations we went through in SF the day before the flight. She taught English at the high school level, and one of her former students posted a line of something nice in transliterated Thai (Roman characters, Thai words) and Nancie replied a line of something I didn't quite make out her transliteration so I flipped my keyboard to Thai and wrote a line  part Thai and part English saying if they only had Thai keyboards maybe I could understand what they were saying. So student rep[lies with a LONG paragraph in Thai, which meant I had to say some substantial thank yous to her in Thai back. That took me a while, because my spelling sucks, and I have the vocabulary of a 5-year-old.

But here I am to tell you about the day.

Stayed in bed till 11 because I could. Checked the Norton backup, it says it worked. Gave Spook her treats, which she mostly ignored. While I was on the PC, though, she was curled up in the corner again. Boo, hiss.

I had nothing on my agenda, except to go to SF and get a San Francisco Starbucks mug, to go with a large collection of other mugs from places I've been to Starbucks.

Got on the 2:15 from Sunnyvale, and it was almost full, had to sit facing backward, on the sun side. :-( There was a Giant's game at 6:15, the train was sue in SF a couple of blocks from the stadium at 3:15. About four stops before SF, they stopped letting people on, the door wells, aisles (both downstairs and upstairs) were full of people. Used to be they did not allow standing room. People left standing on the platform were told to take the next train (in an hour) but probably those would be full even sooner. They used to run game trains but I guess not any more.

At SF, I watched the hoards walking from the train to the station, it took about 10 minutes before everyone on my car had gone, but there were still plenty of people from the cars behind us. It was quite entertaining, a Giants Gear fashion show. Quite a wide variety of clothing, patches, hats, decals, etc. Quite by accident I was wearing my Giants Hawaiian shirt, and in my pack was an orange World Series Champs jacket.

Right across the street from the station is a Safeway with a Starbucks nook, they had SF mugs, I bought one, so I did not have to go to Plan B, which was take the bus down town to the big indoor mall. Instead I went a few doors down to a real Starbucks, and watched the eye candy go by over a mocha and banana bread.

Took the 5:15 train back to Sunnyvale, since I'd done what I planned, did not have my camera, and did not want to be in a trainload of drunken fans on the way back.

Did not go straight home, instead stopped in at a new pizza place in the neighborhood, Zpizza. They had sent around coupons, but all of them were for family deals. This place is at the base of an ultra-luxury apartment complex, and I expected some eye candy because the Peet's/Specialty's next door has some, but there was none. All the house special recipes are vegetarian, but they had a mushroom and sausage pizza on the board so I ordered one. It was white. Almost no sauce at all. Very sparse sausage bits, chicken sausage, I think they said. Mozzarella was the only cheese and it was the smarmy Mexican kind. Thin, soggy crust.

Small store - maybe 20 seats - but they had 3 TVs going. One had the Giants game, the other two started with a Yankees game (WTF?) which became motocross. Volume up on all three.  The staff tried their best, but I won't be going back.

Home, forgot to do the car wash experiment. Tomorrow.

We are at that awkward time of the year where it is hot in the day and cold at night so I need to keep the furnace lit, but flip to "cool" in the morning and "heat" at night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car wash
Coffee w/Janice
Take out the garbage
maybe do some laundry
Watch hummingbirds

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