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Coming Up Roses

The roses I worked so hard to plant a year ago are blooming as if there wasn't a drought on. The yellow one on a stick has about 10 flowers now, I cut off two white ones so more yellow ones could open up. The orange bush has maybe six open, and the variegated red/pink had maybe four or five. They look and smell beautiful. Two or three bushes have no flowers, but are also not dying, so they may just take longer. Or I may need to relocate them. There are cutouts in the carport border for flowers, which the previous owner filled with redwood chips. But I'm not keen on doing any more watering than I have to unless it rains some more. And while things have not been typical the last couple of years, normally one can plan a sunny day picnic here from April to November.

The Bees' Friends flowers are coming up in feathered leaves, only a couple of inches tall so far, and the CA poppies are the same, but the hummingbird/butterfly mix out by the mailbox is hardly starting.

The strip by the carport has not been watered all month, due to a wonky nozzle. Have to replace that. The iceplants are blooming and getting taller but no spreading. The mint is holding its own, as is the rosemary. But the thyme and that blue creeping plant has dried up, and the couple of strawberries look like they are not long for this world.

So I watered everything today. It had turned colder in the evenings, so watering is not as heinous as it would be when it's hot at night.

Got everything done I'd planned on, sort of. Got the car washed. The hack was to leave the spare key in the cup holder. There is no physical key, just this proximity thing, so as long as a key bobble is in the car it can be driven.

From there it was on to Mancini's Sleepworld, which was happy to order legs for my bed frame, and arrange for them to be installed. They could have done it tomorrow, but I'll be home Tuesday for the dishwasher, so I asked for that day instead. No problemo. And it cost half as much, including installation, as it would have for just the legs from the manufacturer.

Drove to SJ and my favorite big Starbucks, but there is no such thing as a San Jose mug. I bought a CA one, but it has the same generic design as the SF one I bought yesterday. I may need to go eBay to get a real SF mug. A pity they don't get it that the themed mug designs are a major selling point. Had a mocha and was treated to a bit of eye candy.

Home, Spook was still on the bed where I'd left her (I had checked a couple of times on the cell phone). So we know her sleep number is 100. :-)

On to Starbucks in MV, had a good chat with Janice. She gave the last man from online dating another chance, but drove him away by telling him to "lighten up".  She refuses to believe that that's a trigger phrase. She doesn't really want a relationship anyway.

Home, dinner was some fish fillets and stuffed potato skins, with Oreos for dessert. Watched the 49ers draft analysis program. It was pretty shallow, neglected almost completely the implosion that was the coaching staff. From what they speculated, things are pretty bleak. They don't have a pick until #15, and by that time all the best players for the positions they need will be gone. From what they said, it looks like the team will once again be choosing mediocre players with a history of injuries, and not always to themselves.

Also watched what may have been the final episode of Sabado Gigante. They showed lots of clips at the start of the host's early programs in Chile, and there was a long standing ovation when those were done. And the first round of singers competing for the Big Cash Prize was made up of all professionals, all women,  who got their start on the show. All of them could have won, but the audience went for the one with the best body. I was okay with that. The second round, closer to the end of the show, was audience members. All but three were gonged offstage quickly, and deserved it, one more should have been but was booted in the semifinals, and the winner was a gay man with a gorgeous tenor voice who sang a very romantic song which his partner in the audience should have shed some tears over, but didn't. Runner up was a very sexy woman who sang almost as well, but did not show as much passion or personality in her number.

There was a very long interview with a sexy actress who I guess is a soap star, and I wish I knew the back story because one section of the talk made her cry, and at the end she was given a long standing O.

I'll keep it on Tivo in case it turns out to be the last one.

Tried to watch Channel 2 news, but it was so out of sync it hurt. None of the other channels were, so it wasn't Comcast's fault. It has happened before with that station.

With the dishwasher going in Tuesday, I cleared out under the sink again, moved the microwave cart out of the way, cleared off the counter over the dishwasher and wiped it down. The cookie sheet I baked on tonight can stay on the stove and be a test for the new washer.

We finally got an announcement for next week's Iolanthe potluck/read-through which included the start time. I was hoping for late lunch but it's going to be dinner and a late night. Also got email reminding us that Los Altos Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals start up again Thursday night.

Plans for tomorrow:

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