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I sent a note to my team that I will be working from home tomorrow, because I had no idea what time windows the dishwasher and bed people were coming. They both called after I'd sent the message, dishwasher from 7-11 am, bed from 9-11 am. Which means if all goes well, I can actually be at work after lunch.

Which is good, because we got new builds for two products, one of which I can test from home easily, the other not quite as easily because it involves video.

The dishwasher area is all cleared, including the porch furniture which would be in the path of the machines. Can't do anything about the bed till I'm out of it in the morning, just need to strip it and throw some of it in the washing machine and some into the spare bedroom. I expect Spook will find a place to hide, probably in the office.

Work was somewhat quiet. I had a nice chat with one of my favorite engineers from the next team over, who announced he is leaving the company at the end of the month. It was clear this was a possibility for several reasons which I am not at liberty to make public. He'll do well wherever he lands.

Lunch was Sizzler, felt like buying real food, but the sirloin tips were pretty gristly.

Walmart grocery after work, my list was bananas and sugar-free jam. Also got some egg rolls, a pot pie, beans, walnuts and fabreze.

Home, gave the shirts another 20 minutes in the dryer. Dinner was a pot pie. One more episode of Who Do You Think You Are, which could easily have gone for three hours if they really wanted to follow Paxton's family tree up before they landed in the US. Or the other two ancestors who were in the colonies during the revolution (they were probably on the other side). And so on.

Two episodes of TMZ. I have no idea why I watch it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up too early to be dressed and drugged by 7.
Finally get the dishwasher replaced
and legs on the bed frame to make it high enough to get out of without killing my knees
Maybe go to work after lunch


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