Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

If I was Thinking Straight

...the dishwasher would be installed. But when the prepaid installers refused to pull out the old machine because it is hard-wired to the building, I told them to take the new one back until I could have someone install a regular outlet for the new one.

I found an appliance repair company in the HOA magazine, he said he would do the whole removal/installation, but not just an outlet. So I called Home Despot, and even though the machine was probably still on the truck somewhere not too far, they would only arrange to drop it off Friday.

I was working from home instead of taking time off, and there was actually work that got done while I was waiting for Round 2, a pair of installers to put legs on the bed frame. The sleep number mattress is too low. They arrived and were done in time for me to wrap things up at hoe and get to work before 11.

Lunch was at Panera Bread, the most bland grilled cheese sandwich ever, the pecan roll was stale, but the mango smoothie was excellent. Next time I'll stick to chocolate baked goods.

Work was shizo, I had projects on both the current and new products. New product included making one bug as fixed, but raising a possible issue as a result of the testing process. This happens sometimes, fix one thing, break something else. Or in this case, something is broken which prevents playing a video, and when it is fixed, you notice something wrong with the video, unrelated to what was broken.

Shopping spree on the way home. Michael's ISO a rotary blade replacement for my X-Acto cutting board. Online made me suspect X-acto no longer makes those, and the store had none. They had something from another brand, but it looked to be the wrong size. Left with nothing.

Bevmo next, because the wine before bed experiment was suffering from modern winemaking syndrome. Somewhere along the way, vintners decided wine needs to be dry and as un-sweet as possible. A little research told me to try sherry. Bristol Creme was at the top of the list of popular ones, and there was a madiera on sale which sounded right. Well, they didn't have the latter in stock, even though online said they did, but there was a 10 year old port which I got instead.

Lowe's, bought a new nozzle for the garden hose, since the original had started to leak.

Home, installed the nozzle, watered the carport garden to make sure it worked.

By now it is 8:30 pm and I am feeling the 6 am wakeup time. So I took a nap. Which meant making the bed. Spook "helped". By sitting on the fitted sheet in the middle of the bed, clawing at the edges as they moved. Finally got that done, set the alarm for 10 and after 15 minutes got about half an hour's sleep.

Dinner was a fried rice thing from some yuppie faux-Thai marketing company and a couple of egg rolls. Dessert was a mashed elderly banana topped with walnuts, sprinkles and honey.

Watched TMZ and some of the 10 o'clock news. Which is when the alarm went off, it was a cell phone app, cell phone was in the bedroom, and Spook was entranced. Probably sounded to her like a bird.

Plans for tomorrow:

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