Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Camels Were Harmed in the Making of This Day

Got a very unusual FB message from a woman who was in a straight play I did in Menlo Park in the 80s, and has worked backstage and other roles in at least two other theater groups I've been in. A "we should hang out some time". The unusual part is she knows that between our schedules that won't happen any time soon. Which she mentioned when I replied that we ought to, but when?
 Up 15 minutes before the alarm. Much easier to get out of bed and dressed (socks especially) with the taller legs on the bed frame. The jury is still out on the SleepNumber bed being more restful, but it at least gives the illusion of choosing your best softness. The full 100 setting, frankly, is about 75 if you compare it to a standard firm mattress.

I took the white protector thing off, in a few days I'll know if that made the SleepIQ thing more accurate. The "live" monitor shows a heartbeat on the side of the bed I am not on, and none on my side, so that's a FAIL.  

Lots of work at work, boss sent out a bug fix sheet with a deadline, which means people way up in the stratosphere are expecting something to ship Real Soon Now.

Had my 1-on-1, still no prospect of a new unit for me. Which means a lot of boring work on the current machine. Though I did manage to work on two features on the new machine, with the help of the team leader for the product who set up his machine for me.

Lunch at China Stix, their beef chow fun. Lots of beef, high quality and well tenderized. But twice as many noodles as I could handle. Dessert at B&R. The resurrection of the shopping center with a Target, Sprouts, Panera Bread, Habit, Peet's several other shops and services and a newly repaved parking lot has seriously boosted sales for all the original stores. B&R especially. Used to have that place to myself after lunch, now it's almost crowded.

Almost went to hang out at Batcave Starbucks after work, but changed my mind because I wanted to try to make email-able videos for Janice from some clips she had me make into a DVD last month. But I couldn't get the files sizes down without losing too much physical size.

Watched the last episode of Elementary. This one's plot was seriously convoluted, and I don't think a jury would convict. The sub-plot is about the police captain's daughter, who is a beat officer, working out of the same precinct, which I think is not allowed IRL. So they have the dual prejudice thing going, that she is female and the boss' daughter. All they need is for her to be a lesbian and secretly black, with a heavily tattooed transgendered Latino lover. Meth dealer.

Have to remember to turn the thermostat back to "heat" because at 9 pm it was so warm in here I set it to aircon.

Dinner was Meatish Swedeballs, with Girl Scout Crack Thin Mints for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Glue my teeth in
Take the Baritone out of the shed and put it in the car
YOTB rehearsal
Ice my lip

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