Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost Ready to Crash

Sent the message I was WFH tomorrow and just before quitting time they called with a 1-5pm window to bring back the dishwasher. Was expecting morning. Crap. Will still work from home, but if the delivery is at the later end of the window probably won't be able to get the installer the same day.

Busy day at work. Kept losing at solitaire as I waited for some long-term tests to run. Trying to reproduce a crash that automation reported. Looks to me like the problem is in the automation script. Sometimes those poke things before the machine is ready. Happens every company I've worked for which has a strong automation component.

Home after work because although I'd glued my teeth in and put the horn in the car, I forgot my music stand.

It's a longer drive, but gave me half an hour to admire the roses & watch the birds. Had to stand, though, because ll my porch furniture is in the piano room so they can get the dishwasher into the kitchen.

Off to Ye Olde Towne Band (YOTB) first rehearsal of the year. We warmed up with the Star Spangled Banner, which I keep forgetting is the Sousa arrangement, where the Baritones have the melody. I prefer the Akers arrangement, which was for a long time the best selling one for marching bands, and was by the guy who later became my high school band director. It has a gorgeous counterpoint baritone part. And a trumpet fanfare toward the end.

We sight read a march which was impossible for me to play - 3 flats then 4 flats, and umpah quarter notes in cut time which went from valves 2&3 to 1&2 so quickly I couldn't keep up. The second piece was also a sight read march, but it was more sane. And finally total insanity, TicoTico, a new arrangement which needs to be taken out and burned. I love the piece, it's something I've heard Steve Goodman and Jethro Burns duet it.

Here's a very interesting version by two very close friends

And four close friends

And then we played some of our regular tunes, plus something called Italian Polka which went into our folders late least season but I don't remember playing it. I may have been in London at the time.

Home, feeling wiped.

Dinner was egg rolls, sweet spicy sauce, coconut water and so far no dessert. Hmm.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep as late as I can
wait for the delivery
Call the appliance guy if it's not here by 2. Call again when it arrives. May have to postpone till tomorrow or later


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