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Fish Story

Hit Petco after work and picked up a bigger heater for the aquarium. The one in the kit was too small for 30 gallons. Also got some small blue gouramis and a handful of neon tetras and some plants. Now the tank looks fully occupied.

Finishing up loading the new laptop as I type this - slurping up my photos from the machine I'm typing on - and keep getting errors saying a file is in use or protected, even though they aren't. Buggy Microsoft network widget, very annoying. For those pix I'll transfer from DVD.

My boss was in a very strange mood today, I think he's found another job somewhere because he was being very vocal about the fact that everyone blames him for everything. Actually, it's only his boss who does, everyone else knows he's doing better than most people running two under-staffed and under-funded departments and also having to fill in for another department's work which lost all but one of its staff and waited till last week to hire 6 replacements. All of whom are useless until they can find some in-depth tech training.

It was pretty busy today, but for me it was small stuff, follow-ups and I finally succeeded in using my video server to capture video from the network via VideoLAN. Next experiment is to do the same with a DVD of some home movies.

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