Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My Head Hurts

So much stress today, and now that it is over, and everything has turned out as hoped for, there is still a migraine which refuses to fade completely.

Worked from home, even though Home Depot said the earliest the dishwasher would be re-delivered was 1 pm. Window was 1-5, so I was not optimistic.

Actually got some useful work done, filed two bugs, one the boss marked as critical.

HD robophoned at 12:30 that the machine was expected in half an hour. They actually arrived 15 minutes later. And had not been given the message that it was a drop-off only, but they were happy to take it out of the box, carry it inside, help me inspect it for dings and scratches (it was fine), left the installation kit and power cord I'd ordered, and told me all I had to do for them to haul it away & recycle it was call this 866 number. They were very professional, and gracious.

After the robocall I phoned Delgado's Appliance Repair, and let him know the machine was due in an hour, and he said he would install it today, be there sometime between 2 and 4. He had me text my name & address, and I also texted that it needed an air escape cap, but he replied with what the plumber told me, that the hose would be looped to provide the same physics without the cost and hassle of cutting a hole in the sink.

He was way late, finally arrived at 5, coming from the wrong direction. My fault, I had not given him directions, and it's a big park with non-intuitive numbering.

But he did a great job, knew exactly what he was doing, and we chatted for most of it, except when I needed to check in with work via the VPN connection.

He was done at about 6:30, did not charge me anything to haul away the old machine, and unlike the plumber, he gave me the 10% discount mentioned in his ad. He did not need the installation kit, since the plumber already installed a better hose line, and all he needed was one little connector, which he had in his tool kit.

So tomorrow I can go to Home Depot for refunds:
Installation: $90
Kit: $20
Recycle: $15

With the $162 Delgado charged, my net cost was $28.

After putting things back in the kitchen where they belonged, taking the porch furniture out of the piano room and back to the porch, I opened up the bedroom closet panel I figured Spook had been hiding behind ever since the delivery truck pulled up, and out she came.

Took myself out for dinner at the nearby Greek restaurant. Lamb shank, garlic mashed, amputee's spinach and dessert was bread pudding. Bread pudding is about as Greek as crawfish, but it was excellent, drizzled with honey and served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. From the layout and the menu, I'm guessing they are no longer run by the same folks who have the Athena Grill in Santa Clara.

Home, I loaded up the dishwasher, had about half a usual load which was parked on a dirty cookie sheet in the oven, and that is running. It's very quiet.

Plans for tomorrow depend on when I get up:
Early - 9 to noon there is a planning workshop at the library for renovating the Sunnyvale civic center, which includes the library. There is so much wasted land around the library, plus it really needs to be expanded, perhaps a 2nd level added, to keep pace with their popular programs.
Later - Home Despot
I have a ticket to see The Addams Family musical at Palo Alto Players. Lurch is an old friend and there's a young woman in the ensemble who I have been keeping an eye on. Very talented.


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