Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

In brief

In bed till 10, reading
11:30 to the library, to catch the end of the 9-noon workshop on rebuilding the 40-year-old civic center (city hall, police department, library, etc.)
Got a tour of the public safety building. They need twice as much space. One WTF is all Sunnyvale police are also qualified firemen and vice versa, and carry equipment for both jobs while on duty, regardless of which uniform they are wearing. And they are all EMTs.

Home Depot, it took almost an hour, because only one of the three customer service people knew how to handle the refund, and he also was the only one who knew the answers to the questions of his minions. But I got back $132. Bought some seeds.

Target - they did not have any replacement Sodastream cartridges, again. I own two, and always try to exchange as soon as one runs out. Need to see if there's a mail-in program because this is the 3rd time they have been out.

Safeway, spent $100 on meals and apples & oranges & cheese and completely forgot to buy something for tomorrow's potluck.

Home, unloaded the food, watched TV, Facebooked, got my May rent check into Quicken (will print it later), spread some seeds around. Poppies mostly.

6:30 off to Lucie Stern, there at 7, picked up my ticket, waited in the cat till the house opened at 7:30. It was almost sold out, but people don't arrive until 5 minutes before curtain so there is plenty of parking an hour before.

The Addams Family musical was very entertaining, the most beautiful of the Little Shop quartet was in the ensemble, Lurch is an old friend of many shows, and Morticia looked familiar, but not her name. They had a reception after, it was jam packed. I worked my way to the back, and got some food, since the front tables were picked clean. And ate outside in the courtyard. Many memories from the three shows I did there with lots of children in the casts.

Home, lasagna for dinner, chocolate milk for dessert.

Spook played catch with me a little, with a bouncy little pink ball I gave her a few days ago. Started a load of laundry

Plans for tomorrow:
Put clothes in the dryer
Get something for the potluck
Go to the potluck/readthrough

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