Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Finally the day arrived

Most of the day was spent out on the porch enjoying the sunny day, reading Scalzi's Locked In, sipping on coconut water or ginger ale, nibbling on wheat thins. No real meals.

late morning I whipped up another dozen hard boiled eggs for next week's breakfast. While that was happening I put the laundry away.

The to Walmart grocery for some chicken wings to bring to the potluck, also got some mixed nuts and a bag of cheezy poofs to nibble on in the car.

Printed the rent check and forgot to drop it off.

Baked the wings, wondered where Spook was. Opened the bedroom closet, yes there she was. She is fine staying there all day, which is annoying because that's not getting her less afraid of being out in the open. Put her on the bed, petted her, and she stayed there most of the rest of the day.

I really need to find someone to put new edging on that quilt. It long ago frayed off. My sewing skills are not up to even figuring out what length of material it needs, let alone sew it all around a queen size blanket.

5:20 I headed to the potluck, expecting to get there around 6, but traffic was light and it's not as far as I think it is, so I was there at 5:30, and helped set up the tables. People mostly showed up late, and a lot of people did not show up at all.

They started the program early, which was the wrong call. There was a way too long and detailed video showing the women's costumes, each and every one unique and very fancy. The one on the men's costumes was broken, and did not play the audio, but it too was way more complicated than it needed to be. Costumer has gone way overboard for this show.

We sang through the whole show, but with three of the four most important characters missing....

The good news is the people who did show are quite good. A very powerful set of sopranos in the chorus, a larger than usual number of basses. The one female lead who was there is one of those petite women with a huge voice.

One of the characters is named Private Willis, and when he went missing just before his big number, I wondered out loud if there was a Public Willis. Cordelia Willis raised her hand. We agreed that her mom (Connie) is a bit more public. Which is when the guy next to me mumbled something about puppies. We have a lot of fans in this cast - I saw at least three of them at Loncon3.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home for dinner
8:30 Iolanthe call

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