Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not a Confidence Builder

First chorus rehearsal for Iolanthe tonight. I had highlighted my part during lunch, but even with that, the score is such a mess that I got lost a lot. I sing bass, and in an ideal world, the score has lines for sopranos, altos, tenors and baritone/basses which are on the same line on every page. But top save space, this score will completely drop the bass line when all the men sing the same part (or the same two parts). An it will drop the alto line when all the women sing the same part or two.

So it's like following state highway signs while going back and forth between state lines.

And it did not help that I have been lazy and spent minimal time listening to the recording with the score in front of me. I've never seen the show, and only started playing the CD a month ago.

Some of the chorus has done the show two or three times before, so I'm covered, sort of.

The vocal director's style didn't help, either. He jumped right in at full speed, picking bits and pieces to rehearse. I think we only sang one song all the way through, once. He also is already giving us directions on how to emphasize certain syllables,which is usually a fine tuning thing done later in the process. He's not the best, but far from the worst music director I've had.

Apparently we also were missing some men. Considering how long ago auditions were, I would not be surprised people have dropped out.

Not much to do at work, except my weekly report for last week, which I did not do Friday because dishwasher. Got a video to test, which was good, but again it's a 4k which I don't have a player for.

Took some time out to phone my Baltimore sister. A few months ago she transferred to Owings Mills, near her home, from an office next door to the CVS which was on fire this morning. She says her former co-workers were sent home early, but had she been working there she would have not gone in at all, because the buses and trains are not particularly safe from gang warfare at a time like this.

Rehearsal call was 8:30, but it is in the opposite direction from home, so I stayed at the office reading a novel till 7:30, but by then traffic was light and I was at the rehearsal hall in 8 minutes.

Hung around the green room till we were called.

Plans for tomorrow:
Staples, try to exchange the sodastream carbonator
Study the score

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