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That sleep numbah bed seems to be working. Slept all the way from 2 am to 6:30 without my usual two or three pee breaks. But then again, some of that has to do wit better blood sugar levels.

Got a follow-up call from sleep number, told her (she had a STRONG Minnesota accent) that the installers were 5-star, and my only question is why the SleepIQ feature shows the same activity for the side I am not sleeping on as for the side I am using. She said I could turn off data collection for the other side, but the instructions she gave were wrong. I think I found a way using the web connection. Definitely cannot do it with the remote, which is all or nothing.

Work was interesting. I was thrown an issue from months ago on the old product which a customer was waiting to have fixed. The bug tracker said it was fixed a long time ago, but it was not in the notes we get with each build. And it was a very one-off issue. Took me an hour to figure out how to reproduce it. Bottom line is it was fixed, so I updated the bug tracker.

Lunchtime started at Staples, which had Sodastream cartridges to exchange. Totally forgot that I also needed index tabs for my script.

Back toward work, which was dumb because there were better places to eat near Staples, had a burger at Carl's.

Most of the afternoon I ad hoc tested HEVC, looping out one port and in another.

Home, sat on the porch in the canopy chair. The sun shade works fine, but the chair is poorly designed, difficult to get out of. Went online looking for a replacement and found some, but they are all "zero gravity" which is hard to get out of because of the shape.

UK cousins who put me up while I was in London are planning to visit this summer, and are under the impression they are staying with me. I have a sofabed in the livingroom, but nothing in the 3rd bedroom, so I looked for futons. Prices are ridiculous.
So today the Supes heard arguments for/against gay marriage. I'm against the government having anything to do with marriage, so this whole thing irks me. Marriage ought to be a personal decision, with no tax advantages, no government interference. Anyone should be allowed to marry anyone else, and let Darwin decide the rest.

But something which galls me is seeing Gavin Newsom, pretty boy former SF mayor and current (WTFOMGBBQ) Lt. Governor, who fucked his aide's wife and forced his aide to resign, playing poster boy for any kind of marriage, let alone gay marriage.
In other news, I spent some time with the Iolanthe score, trying to memorize the opening song. Impossible to do on my own. The next song we just repeat one line of what the Lord Chancellor sings.

Plans for tomorrow:
Iolanthe reheasals

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