Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Spending a quiet evening at home

After a quiet day at work. Finished grabbing stuff from my work PC onto my laptop, played some more with capturing video from live multicasts, found two serious bugs in our capture software which I may write up some day (I doubt if they will ever even get looked at, let alone fixed). And then set those movies up to load into the program listings. When I get to work in the morning they should be viewable.

Went straight home, and attacked two piles of clutter. There's been a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor, all the shirts and pants which are two sizes to large, I've since replaced them. Those got bagged and will go to Goodwill soon. And in a corner of the computer room in front of the bookcases was a collection of empty boxes and packing materials which was keeping me from getting at the bookcases. So that's all neatened up, and I also took about a dozen books off the top of the bookcases, which have already been read but are not landmark enough to keep, and those went into a Goodwill bag too. Though I may change my mind and donate them elsewhere.

And measured the bookcases, preparatory to moving them and maybe rearranging the computer room. That's a weekend project, though I'm not sure which weekend.

All the fish which were alive yesterday are still alive today, which is good news. The water is still a little bit cloudy though. The new thermostat has the temp just where it should be, and has a little power to spare.

Watched American Idol for the first time this season - from TiVo either yesterday or the day before. I didn't think any of the singers was outstanding, though two of the women and one of the men had potential. It didn't surprise me that I didn't agree much with the judges. And I didn't think anyone sang a song which fit them. The two best women singers chose torch songs, and they simply have not lived enough to feel those emotions - and they don't understand that there's more to singing than pronouncing the words and hitting the notes. The best man singer took on a tune which was so long and boring I fast-forwarded through it as soon as it was clear he sang well but had chosen a miserable arrangement. The final male singer got high marks from all judges, despite having a voice which sounded like he gargles with Clorox.

Also caught last night's Daily Show. I am very annoyed that they don't lose the Colbert bit at the end. It's sloppy. The show is only 20 minutes long, wasting the last 5 minutes on mindless chit chat is cheating.

Doing some laundry and burning a couple of DVDs in the background.


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