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Because Iolanthe rehearsals ran late yesterday.

Work was The Usual. Lunchtime was a trip to CVS where I had planned to only buy tabs for the Iolanthe script and ball point pens for work. But they had sales on chocolate, and also on Bumble Bee "Lunch on the Run", which I bought because I was hungry and by the time I got back to work I would barely have time for lunch at my desk. It turned out to be quite adequate.

At the end of the day my test machine was showing me symptoms I could not figure out, so TBC.

Home, had enough time to let traffic settle down and was still early for Iolanthe rehearsals. The music director met with the women's chorus in the main rehearsal space, and we were shunted to the Board Room, with an old pal from Stanford & regular accompanist  was drafted to rehearse us. As usual he did a great job, though the producer should have left him the hell alone. Producer kept looking at his cell phone, using it as a timepiece. Totally needless and annoying.

We got a lot done, pretty quickly.

Then the women were sent home and we were moved downstairs and mostly went over again what we'd just done because the staff is clueless and the SM has not shown up for a rehearsal yet. And the ASM hasn't been seen since the potluck.

Music director doesn't get it that we need to learn to words & music before tweaking the little things. He also doesn't understand that there is a guy in the chorus who cannot sing, cannot read music and doesn't know WTF he is doing here. This guy was probably cast to be a warm body, and needs to be sent home until we get to blocking the show.

Home, had dinner, Facebooked and went to bed. Spook joined me until the second time I woke up, which was about 3 am.

Thursday, now.
Work, saw the same spooky symptoms, so I nuked the database and started over. And the spooky stuff went away.

It was the last day on the job for one of my favorite people, an engineer who was punted around a bit from the group upstairs, and sent to work in an area he was not familiar with for a boss who is difficult to work for. He decided to cut his losses, despite not having a gig lined up. I was fired from my first two real-world jobs, and laid off twice, and those were scary enough. The one time I quit in anger, I had seen the writing on the wall and had lined up a contract to start the day after I gave my notice. I am happy to say that the company I left went broke and no longer exists.

One of the perks of the job is I was able to work the NFL draft on ESPN into my test plan, legitimately. We get it in MPEG-4, and I needed to see how that format played with others.

Went home at 5:30 so I could pet Spook, get the Baritone and music stand out of the shed, and get to YOTB rehearsals before 7:30. Traffic is a bitch before 7, I have to remember to wait. Oh yes, I also moved some stuff out of the guest bedroom. In the morning I had measured the space, and my queen bed, and discovered that there actually is space between the window and the bookcase and linen shelves on the opposite side of the room for a queen bed. Better to have a futon, or a sofabed. Though I think a futon would be more comfortable to sleep on.

Rehearsals were rough. We started with Stars And Stripes Forever which has a hellishly high Baritone part, so kiss my lips goodbye right there. And then we proceeded to play several number which were painful. And we ended with the horrid It's The Gospel which is a medley of Jesus songs, all written way too high for all the brass parts. Ouch.

Which reminds me I am still waiting for the paperwork from the insurance company to start having new dentures built. I should call them again.

Home, dinner was lasagna from Tuesday night. Dessert was dark chocolate covered cashews from CVS yesterday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Apply the tabs to the script
Maybe look at the script
Finish making a space in the guest bedroom for a futon
Maybe shop for a futon. Maybe do that tomorrow - I need to take some stuff to Goodwill, may as well see what they have to sell.

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