Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

About Bernie

I've mentioned this on the Book Of Face, need to say it here too.

Now that Bernie Sanders is in the race, he has my full support. 

There is no chance he will win the nomination, and also no chance whoever wins will choose him as a running mate. Why? Because he's a Jew. The country may be ready for a black, brown, foreign-born, Catholic President, but not a Jew. And not a Gay person.

But he stands for what I stand for. None of the other candidates come close.

I've said it here before, I won't for for Hillary because she reminds me of the opportunist Robert Kennedy, who did not have the ethics to decline his brother's job offer, and used his name recognition to get elected to the Senate from New York, a state he had never lived in and did not represent. And used his name recognition and his cabinet position to springboard into the presidential primaries.

Unlike RFK, Hillary's time in the cabinet did not earn her any points, she failed in every major assignment. Bobby at least enforced some major league civil rights laws.

And unlike Hillary, Bernie has a huge track record of winning nominations and elections. 



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