Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sleepy all day

Not much on my plate. Punted the litterbox project to another time, probably next Saturday.

Bought more biz card holders and some trading card ones too. Filled several of each with the last two bundles of cards, which turned out almost all be my own driver's licenses and biz cards, plus a few other cards with my name (BlockBuster's, UC Medical, etc.)

Three copies of Hung Far Low calling cards all in lousy shape.

One poorly made card from Heidi "Radcliffe" - home made, sans clues. Thinner than a business card, longer than a trading card. We found each other on an internet dating site. We met at a coffee shop in Palo Alto, sat at an outside table. She confessed that she was not interested on me as a date, but as a foot in the door to the Paly theater world. She was mostly working as a mime at children's parties. I told her I had no influence in that area, she gave me her card just in case, and I did nothing with it. She was cute, and would have been fun to date, except for her boyfriend.

Put tabs onto my script. I enter in scene 6, and am onstage all but one scene in Act I, then in the first 3 and the last one of Act II. The printed inserts did not fit the tabs, so I used post-it tabs instead.

Put a note on FB that I was giving away the 32" TV. Only got one real bite, and it was gone to that person at about 6 pm.

Went out to dinner, a fairly new mongolian bbq about 2 miles from home. A bit expensive for the very limited selections. 

Plans for tomorrow:


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