Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ho Hum and then Wheee!

I was supposed to get a new machine at work today, but that didn't happen. Did some make-work ad hoc with the old machine instead but that's boring.

Was feeling completely out of it this morning, add to that my back hurt a lot. Probably had the sleep number up too high.

Tylenol migraine formula did nothing, 4 ibuprofins helped, and I filled my Bangkok Starbucks mug with French Roast, and that gave me a bit of a buzz and also lowered my Hgl to 75. Only had healthy snacks in the lunchbox, so had to buy a candy bar. They were out of Snickers, settled for a Mars bar, which is rather more messy.

Lunch at Round Table. Their personal pizza is no longer honest. :-(

Stayed at the office till 7, then off to rehearsals which took maybe 6 minutes. Music director showed me what I already knew, I can sing above my range if I go falsetto. Which hurts.

We had all but one of the principals, which was nice. The title role is covered well, I'm not so sure about the Queen. The leading man is superb. Phyllis The heart Throb we have had in rehearsals once before but tonight she got to really sing out. Splendid voice. And she's really cute, too.

And in other good news, the guy who had no clue he was expected to sing dropped out. I can't believe he was cast in the first place, unless the director wanted a male body and failed to tell the guy not to show up until blocking rehearsals. He would have looked great in a Beefeater's uniform.

Rehearsals showed that I missed highlighting all of my part. and missed erasing one short highlight which belongs to the fairy chorus. The former I'll take care of at work tomorrow.

Found a futon at overstock dot com, but decided not to pull the trigger because I don't need to clutter up that room until Autumn. But I may anyway, because there's a place to park it in the livingroom, come to think of it.

Plans for tomorrow:

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