Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One Less Egg To Fry

Three, actually, because that's what I made for dinner. On top of two pieces of sourdough bread with melted Tillamook sharp cheddar on top. Yummy.

Another night with Spook splayed across the foot of the bed at the start, but gone when I got up at 4 am. Tried a softer sleep number, slept longer but my back still bothered me. I'm going to chalk it up to stress because the tick in my eye also made a brief appearance today.

Work go a little more interesting. Finally got my own new machine, and was able to put the latest software on it, and confirm that one of the bugs I filed is still not fixed. But it's not connected to any video sources yet. Team leader says we may also be waiting for 4 more plug-in boards, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.

Caught up on John Madden podcasts. Also did some checking on which of our Comcast feeds are fine tuned.

Lunch at Pizza Hut, better than Round Table, but still don't like the too-sweet crust. And the pretty manager wasn't there.

Home after work, hung around till 7, then headed for rehearsals and was still 15 minutes early. And there were only 3 people there on time. Stage Manager finally made an appearance, and hers is not the face I had been associating with that name. We have worked together in the past, years ago, and she says I was over at her house, probably for a cast party, years ago. Sounds right.

Pretty thorough rehearsal with both the men's and women's chorus. I like the music director, but not his style of rehearsing. He keeps stopping for little tweaks which ought to wait until we have the words and music much much further along. Unlike all the other G&S I've done, the words are not intuitive. We need a lot more repetition. We got some of it tonight, but not enough for the amount of time we spent. And he still doesn't get it that a bass cannot sing tenor notes with any confidence or volume, if at all.

Home, had dinner, loaded the dishwasher and will be off to be soon.

Plans for tomorrow:

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