Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Woke up thinking it was Friday

That usually doesn't happen on a Wednesday.

So about 1 am after I finished a chapter in the Kindle app on the Nexus7, I pulled up the webcam app to see where Spook was. She was on the ledge of the kitchen's bay window, hunkered down, being Fierce Guard Cat.

So, I put down the tablet, rolled to the left to hit the light switch, and after about 10 seconds I rolled to the right to pull a pillow closer, and Spook was lying sprawled out under my arm. One more reason for her name.

Woke late, saved water, packed way too many snacks, got to work at a reasonable time.

Got some work done with the new machine, which still needs to be hooked to video inputs. Started proofing the new machine's upcoming user manual.

Lunch at KFC. No eye candy but a few insurgencies by middle school girls.

One on 1 was short, not much to talk about, so I asked how his house in Thailand was, because about 800 homes were destroyed by severe storms & floods about 40 miles from his place. He said his wife hasn't mentioned anything, and she calls neighbors over there all the time. We also talked about a Nikon lens we both recently bought. I'll be trying it out at a model shoot on Sunday. 

katbyte was asking for more Spook photos. The only ones I've taken lately were webcam shots posted on FB, I have a kind of series going ever since I posted two in a row of her camouflaged on the bed, and a theater friend said I should do a calendar (joke).

Let's see if I can pull this off.

And a couple of non-bed shots:

Home after work, 7:05 headed for rehearsals, managed to be 15 minutes early yet again. I did not think the music director was going to have time to do what he had planned, a work-through and then a run-through of Act I. The Act is at least an hour and a half long at production speeds, no way was he going to get through it twice in 2.5 hours.

Turns out we got sent home at 9:20 (instead of 10) because he had planned the rehearsal without looking at the conflicts calendar. For the non-theatrical, when one auditions, and again when one is cast, every good theater company has you list any conflicts you have with rehearsal dates. For instance, I have band practice in Thursdays,  a couple of the cast are in current shows which perform Thursday-Sunday, and so on. Today's conflict calendar showed that half the leading characters had conflicts tonight. Can't do a run-through without them.

So instead of either a work-through or a run-through, music director punted and worked on the numbers he had people there to sing. We really could have used more work on many of the numbers, but he also doesn't Get It™ that nost chorus people learn the words at rehearsals, because without the other parts singing along it's kind of hopeless to try to learn on your own.

I may have the words down by the closing cast party. We'll have to see.

Plans for tomorrow:

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