Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another catch-up post

Written Friday, backdated to Thursday.

Was up till 3 am un-bricking my phone. After a LONG Iolanthe rehearsal. After a very busy and late day at work.

My new machine at work had been hooked up a bit more to the network. The day before all I could do was ru the user interface and play with SNMP, but now it had three video ports connected, so I could send all kinds of video through it. I played around a lot with that, but toward the end of the day when I was ready to watch video, it wasn't there. Turns out the unit had not been configured with the right IP info for the video ports. And it had not been connected to the SDI port. SDI is an ancient coax cable transport system which takes video from a satellite dish, in this case one program at a time. When I worked at Sony and Microsoft, they were all-SDI for high speed video.

Lunch was at KFC. Crispy dark meat combo. The mashed potato and cole slaw containers make nifty lunchbox accessories for peanut butter and preserves.

Home after work, I may have left a little earlier than 6. Left for rehearsals at 7, and was 15 minutes early. Again. At 7:30 start time it was only me and one other cast member - or so I thought. turned out several people were up in the green room jawing and snacking.

We were supposed to have a work-through and then a run-through of all the Act I music, but the music director had made his plans without consulting the conflicts calendar which the stage manager painstakingly maintains online. Only one of the leads was there and several chorus members were out. These are pre-announced excused absences which everyone knows about weeks in advance. Since there were not the people to do a run-through, we worked most of the act's music for who we had, and were sent home half an hour early because the MD was frustrated with his plans being foiled. His own damned fault. Rule #1 when scheduling rehearsals is work around the conflicts, even if it means not being OCD about doing things in chronological order.

Home, Spook was very vocal for no apparent reason.


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