Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

End of Days

Which is what Friday is in a way.

More phone updatery in the morning made me late for work. The good news is with my very fast wi-fi network, it only took an hour to get the latest Android OS installed, and another half hour for it to massage about 300 apps to update them.

I had to re-install a few apps, like Evernote, AquaMail, AT&T Messenger.

Most of that was done in the background.

Work was good, team lead showed me where to find the IP addresses I needed for the new machine, and what port on the SDI router to connect to the SDI port on my machine.

And I was watching an HBO movie on the output, enjoying a mediocre performance by a famous actor whose name I can't remember, something about a basketball team which loses all the time, and everyone has anger management issues. Until it stopped playing. I tried several work-arounds, but couldn't get the movie to play again. Late in the day, one of the lab managers sent email that he had to turn off all the Comcast feeds for some reason which didn't make any sense to me.

Lunch was at the Mongolian BBQ on El Camino, the one with the really good selection of stuff. I got there at 1:20, they close up lunch at 2. Basically they went around 10 minutes early collecting $$ so they could "close the register", so I left when I got my change. Pissed me off. One more place to not go to after 1.

Lowe's on the way home, no hollyhocks except seeds, so I bought some seeds and a $5 bag of dirt. And a pair of some drought resistant Lantana plants, and a pair of lavender plants. Those all go into the carport strip garden tomorrow.

Bose Wave Theater III was delivered. $500 for a clock radio. Yes, it's too expen$ive, but I had gone through a dozen reasonably priced ones without finding one I liked. This one I like. I don't like it $500's worth, but I do like it $500 minus return shipping and UPS schlepping worth. But more important, Bose did everything right, and then some.

The audio is excellent. I hear better audio at work, but not from a radio. And not by much. What they have done which is unmatched by anyone else is create an AM/FM radio which receives a clear signal from every channel on the spectrum, including stations I did not know I could get in this valley-within-a-valley home. And it's digital tuning, with 6 presets each for Am and FM. And dual alarms which can be set for buzzer or the radio program or CD track of your choice. But maybe best of all, the green display is big enough to read, and bright enough, without being a night light. Two adjustable settings - one for bright and one for dim.

So it's the holy grail for me of bedroom clock radios. It comes with a demo CD that starts with sound effects, followed by some recognizable classical music. And some jazz piece.Beautiful sound for such a small footprint. Not as good as my Infinity home theater setup, but better than "good enough".

In other news, Spook was very vocal when I came home, for no reason. She still had treats in her bowl and no people or pets were outside. And fewer birds than usual.

When I dumped a laundry load of shirts on the bed, she "helped" me hang them up.

Did another load of dishes in the new machine Tuesday, took them out yesterday. They were dry, but the upper spray arm was not. I should call about that.

Speaking of calling, I phoned the dental plan today, they said my denture payment was approved 7 days ago, I should be seeing it soon. Bottom line is they will pay half, minus $50 deductible. Somehow they failed to charge the deductible for the specialist appointment last month.

So I'll call the denture clinic and set that up. Probably will have new teeth in time for opening night.  Maybe.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe meet Janice for coffee. She emailed late today asking, but she was supposed to be in Yosemite this weekend. Hmmm.
Goodwill - drop off a couple of items
City dump - see if they will take my automatic litterboxes, which are technically eWaste. Also want to dump two porch chairs which are broken, not Goodwill-able.
If I'm lucky, the futon will arrive.

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