Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My Whole Body Hurts

It didn't take much. I did a lot more physical work yesterday than today. But today I had garbage to take out, which included curring up, folding and bundling several large cardboard boxes for recycling.

Woke up around 9, I had forgotten the tablet in the car, so no reading in bed. Did some online stuff, ordered more Hawaiian shirts. Got my camera gear ready, and at 10:30 was on the road to the studio for the photo shoot. The model's name on the blurb said Dedecker, but I could have sworn she introduced herself as Jennifer. Maybe a stage name. But which?

No matter, she was a very good figure model, and I got a lot of good pix, but the host was all about special effect lighting, so no portraits. I hate when he does that. OTOH, this model has an amazing body, and was nude for the whole shoot, so face shots were not happening.

I tried to use my 85mm, but the 28-70 was better for that shoot.

My favorite studio host is doing a shoot 5/30, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for the $125 fee. World class model, but I'm only doing this for a hobby.

Costco was across the street, and I had a short list of things to get. Managed to spend >$100 mostly on nuts. They had no limes, and the bananas I got won't be ripe for maybe 3 days. I've been telling myself this for a couple of months, Costco is no longer worth it. Safeway and Lucky sale prices usually beat Costco, without having to buy a year's supply. I need to make a frozen meals run, too.

And Costco on a Sunday is a total zoo. The one I go to has an insane parking lot design, so do the other two in range. Lots of traffic jams because they have sample stands set up in awkward places, and people stop in the middle of the aisle to eat a sample. Yeah, I think I'll stop going.

Home, spent some time on the porch enjoying the rocking chair and the umbrella providing shade. Lots of songbirds in the neighborhood.

One of the flower baskets is already fried. :-(

Lots of Mother's Day stuff everywhere.

Went over my script, corrected mistakes I'd made - highlighting parts which were not mine. Bleach on a Q-tip makes a decent highlight eraser. Also spent some time looking at all my words to all my parts, and then tried to memorize the first number. I know all the words now, but they repeat a lot, and not in the same pattern. And a lot of the phrasing is awkward. The music is great, but the words are pretty stupid. Makes me wish I played an instrument well enough to be in the orchestra.

Photoshopped about half of the pix from the shoot, will do the rest Tuesday night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Iolanthe rehearsal at 7. Our first blocking rehearsal

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