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My whole body still aches. I blame Saturday's gardening. Ibuprofen is my friend.

Spent the day at work finally testing SDI video. Managed to break the machine in about 2 hours, but to do so required watching one of the worst made-for-TV movies ever stapled together from 6 different scripts. Category 7 - The End of the World. There was one redeeming feature - a very cute actress playing a strong woman until the scene where she is roped to her co-worker in a McGuyver-like escape attempt, and they cut away just before the open-blouse kiss. Andrea Lui from Vancouver BC. She's about 47th in the credits, but probably the best actress in the movie.

Apparently this is our feed from Encore, and it was followed by one of those classic mega-budget films set in Roman Emperor Titus days, complete with slave combat and the Pompeii volcano erupting. You know the plot, Shirtless Slave tames wild horse, princess lusts after Shirtless Slave but is promised to the emperor or his studly but cruel henchman. And so on.

Lunchtime started at CVS, to get some of the Chlorsomething maleate anti-histamine which Janice gave me to cure my allergy-like coughing fit. Then enxt door to the Starbucks in the Safeway, but all the seats were taken by homeless and laptop surfers. Drove back to the Starbucks on El Camino and had to wait 10 minutes as the same mocha drink was made for a gang of 7 Japanese people, who were not listening when their gang leader's name was called. When they did hear, they all formed a fire brigade line, handing the drinks down one by one, and then gathered in the aisle blocking anyone else from getting to their drinks.

I had been falling asleep at my desk, so I had iced coffee instead of mocha.  That stuff tastes foul, but it woke me up.

Stayed at work till 6:30, then to Iolanthe rehearsals. Call was for 7, we almost started on time. We blocked maybe 2/3 of the men's big opening number. She made it relatively easy at first, but when we skipped the middle part and went to the ending, it was cheesy box step crap. It'll be changed when we get onto the actual stage, because we don't all fit. But this is a director who is willing to change when things are not working.

We also blocked a couple of the smaller numbers, and I'm a bit put off that she has us upstaging the soloists. She wants us to develop characters, which is one way to do this show. If I'd been directing I'd have gone for the uniformity ploy.

We were supposed to have another blocking session Wed, but it was changed to music. Boo, hiss. One thing about tonight is we ran most of the numbers all the way through several times, so now I know most of the words.

Home, finished Photoshopping the nude pix from Sunday. They are on Flickr, but not for public consumption. None of them are even close to safe for work. It isn't porn, but she is all nude all the time.

Delivery today was only the 3 pairs of jeans. I expected half the futon set, and the hub cap. But the futon set was changed to tomorrow, UPS says.

In the mail, finally, was my insurance approval for the dentures. My half came out to $500 less than expected. I shall call the clinic tomorrow, if they don't call me first.

Plans for tomorrow:


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