Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It was a relatively good day and an early one

Got up early, but waited for the alarm before getting out of bed. I had changed my sleep number from 45 to 70, and my body did not hurt hardly at all.

Took the fastest non-freeway route to work, 16 minutes as opposed to 10 on the freeway. But I was still early.

It took some tweaking, but I was able to play Teletext full screen and subtitles on the new unit, both ethernet and SDI inputs. I am pleased with everything except the tweaks (which are well known).

Lunch at Togo's, Asian chicken salad.

Home at 3:30 because very heavy (72 lb) package expected from UPS in a 3:45-7 pm window. Chatted with neighbors for about an hour, tried to work from home, but remote desktop is too much of a CPU/memory hog to see subtitles correctly that way, and UPS arrived before I thought of just using the direct connect VPN.

5:30, here were two packages, one was half a pound, in something the size of a pizza box. The other was the big one. Took a while to get to the boxes within the big box, it's the futon frame. The mattress is due in a week. Too heavy and bulky when assembled (MUCH assembly required) to put it together in the livingroom, so it will sit in the guest room until I'm ready to put it together. It could be months.

Meanwhile no call from the denture clinic, so I will phone them tomorrow.

Went for a massage, which was wonderful. Got rid of the last bits of aches from the weekend.

Home, decided there was too much stuff in the freezer to go out and buy more. Heated up some chicken wings and baked beans.

Watched 2 episodes of TMZ, and am caught up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Early rehearsal (music, men's chorus)

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